20 Questions for Kiki D’Aire by Cat Cleavage

by konkon


Q1 – How many movies did you do?
A1 – IAFD lists 188 though it’s more, lol.

Q2 – What was your decision to do porn?
A2 – It’s a bit of a complex question, but the most direct way to answer it is that I kept seeing feature dancers come through [the club I was dancing at] and I decided I wanted to become one. I started doing research and got hooked up with the Continental Agency and they put me on the “kindergarten circuit” while I was getting my feet wet. I didn’t initially think I was going to do porn, but I discovered that pageants and magazines didn’t bump up your rate too much so I made the leap.

Q3 – How many magazines are you in?
A3 – That’s a great question. Over a dozen but I’m not sure exactly how many.

Q4 – What was your most memorable day on set?
A4 – Probably the day that I was on set working on a VCA picture and Ginger Lynn was on set. Just love her and she was such a delight that day!

Q5 – What’s your favorite company to work for?
A5 – Most of my favorite companies don’t really exist any more, but I always loved being on set with VCA.

Q6 – Favorite male porn star?
A6 – Man, I loved all of my costars, but Evan Stone was always a blast cuz he was willing to do all sorts of crazy characters!

Q7 – Favorite female, porn star?
A7 – I always loved Janine Lindemulder. Such a beautiful lady!

Q8 – Would you do porn again?
A8 – I’ll never turn my back on the industry, but I will say that I don’t know if the price we pay for infamy is necessarily worth it. It’s expensive to do what we do when it comes to our lives, our families, etc. Very few people understand us and we are marginalized by society, but we also live a life that gives us amazing memories. When we decide to move on it still follows us, the internet is forever.

Q9 – What would you do different in your career?
A9 – I had so many chances to have taken an easier route with contracts and such. Wish I had since promotion is such a huge part of what we do.

Q10 – What did you do before you did porn?
A10 – I was a lingerie model, then a stripper.

Q11 – Could you work with anybody?
A11 – I’ve worked with so many people, lol. These days I try to be selective about those that I work with because the line between actor and content creator is blurry and I want to make sure I’m working with people of like mind.

Q12 – How did you pick your porn name?
A12 – I decided to take Kiki after Reb’s [Reb Sawitz, owner of Pretty Girl International Agency] niece because no one was really using a name like that at the time. Everyone was a “something Ann.” I took D’Aire after Barbara and decided on a weird spelling that was meant to be kind of a play on derrière.

Q13 – What was the first porno you saw?
A13 – I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched a porn movie fully though to be honest, though I’ve seen plenty of movies like “Porky’s.”

Q14 – How old are you?
A14 – 46

Q15 – Do you feel like you were a change for porn?
A15 – Hmmmmm…well, when I came in there was a trend towards blondes with no hips, butts, and big boobs. I was short and round with boobs and a butt.

Q16 – What kind of porn were you known for?
A16 – As I was getting on, that trend was moving towards girls with more natural bodies, so who knows. Men are always gonna find a girl they like and watch her stuff. I’m just happy I had an audience.

Q17 – What years were you in porn?
A17 – I shot my first scene in 1998 and have been around off and on since 2003.

Q18 – What would you do/be doing if you didn’t do porn?
A18 – If I had never done Adult, I’d have tried to do mainstream acting.

Q19 – What is one of your special talents outside of porn?
A19 – I cook, sing, and play piano.

Q20 – Where can you be found on the Internet?
A20 – Right now the best place to find me is onlyfans.com/kiki_daire


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