Attorney Corey D. Silverstein Announces TES Speaking Lineup

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Reach out today to set your appointment with #myadultattorney in Prague!

Cyberspace (September 12, 2023) — Corey D. Silverstein, the driving force behind and Adult.Law, is pleased to announce his TES speaking lineup.

The European Summit – aka TES Affiliate Conference – happens on September 17 – 20 in the Czech Republic, and Silverstein’s events are scheduled for the 19th and 20th. 

First up is “A.I. Is Officially Here – Legal Considerations for All” on September 19, 2023 at 12 pm local time. 

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) isn’t exactly new, but its growth and popularity have now skyrocketed it to the top of business operators’ product lines. A.I. is being implemented into virtually every entrepreneurs’ online platforms and services – but what about its legal implications? This seminar will help you learn what you need to be concerned about when it comes to the legality of A.I. and its potential legal drawbacks. How to prepare and protect your business for A.I. use will also be discussed during this presentation.

Next up is a key event on age verification: “United States Age Verification – What the Hell is Going on?” also on September 19, 2023 at 4 pm local time. 

Age verification has become a hot-button issue in the United States with more than a dozen states passing age verification laws with seemingly little notice to websites worldwide. This seminar will discuss why this has become such a hot issue, what every website operator needs to know and do, and where this is headed since legal challenges have now been filed. This seminar will also discuss the worldwide applicability of these laws and how businesses both inside and outside of the United States are affected.

Finally, there is the “Annual Legal Update – The Biggest Issues of 2023 and What’s Coming in 2024” on September 20, 2023 at 3 pm local time. 2023 has been a significant year for developments in the law for internet businesses around the globe. This seminar will get you caught up on all of the major legal developments and what you should be preparing for in 2024.

“TES always manages to attract one of the largest group of internet entrepreneurs from numerous sectors, and the goal of this year’s seminars is to tackle topics that affect the diverse crowd,” Silverstein said.

“I’m eagerly anticipating the amazing A.I. discussions and ideas that are going to be shared at this conference due to its recent explosion in popularity,” Silverstein continued. 

Silverstein is already setting appointments for what promises to be a lively and informative show. Current and prospective clients, as well as industry friends, are invited to reach out today to set your appointment with #myadultattorney in Prague! Silverstein can be reached directly via

Corey D. Silverstein is the managing and founding member of Silverstein Legal ( His practice focuses on representing all areas of the adult industry. Silverstein is also the founder of subscription service Adult.Law. Those interested in subscribing to Adult.Law’s services can learn more about subscription tiers here:

Join Silverstein on Twitter at @myadultattorney and on Instagram at @coreydsilverstein.

About Silverstein Legal: Founded in 2006 by adult entertainment lawyer Corey D. Silverstein, Silverstein Legal is a boutique law firm that caters to the needs of anyone working in the adult entertainment industry. Silverstein Legal’s clients include hosting companies, affiliate programs, content producers, processors, designers, developers, and website operators.  

About Adult.Law: Adult.Law is a subscription legal service founded by attorney Corey D. Silverstein. Launched in 2020, Adult.Law aims to make legal counsel accessible to as many members of the adult entertainment community as possible. Adult.Law subscribers receive 24/7 access to legal resources specific to the adult industry and individualized 1-on-1 legal consulting from one of the most experienced legal teams in the space.


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