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By Paulie K

Curvy Mary is a bisexual BBW who started her porn career in June, 2020. She is a business school graduate and a feminist who paused her life in corporate America for a much more exciting one in adult entertainment. Mary grew up in a small town in Colorado, she is a total sci-fi nerd, loves comedy shows, musicals and traveling. She was successful in one way of life, and now is on her way to conquering another. 

Curvy Mary

Paulie K: Greetings Curvy Mary! Tell me quickly about yourself. 

Curvy Mary: I am a BBW MILF  performer. I am 37, I live in Las Vegas, have been in the industry for 18 months and I do a lot of podcasts including my own. 

Paulie K: What might the name of your podcast be, Curvy Mary? 

CM: It is called Dangerous Curves. 

PK: Nice. Where can people hear it? 

CM: www.aluvedia.com, ROKU and Amazon Firestick. 

PK: What do you guys usually talk about on there? Is it only adult stuff, or mainstream stuff or what. 

CM: It’s adult. Porn, relationships, sex. We get into politics too which I try to come at from a BBW point of view. We also have Trans performers, a big male performer come on, and the show we just aired was with the great Lisa Ann. 

PK: Yes I saw Lisa Ann mention you somewhere, that’s terrific. How is Lisa doing, good? 

CM: She is doing very well and she is a doll. 

PK: Have you ever worked with her in the adult business? Made a tape with her or anything? 

CM: No, I have not.  She left the game before I got into it, so our paths never crossed in the adult entertainment world I’m afraid. 

PK: Yea she has been in the biz for a very long time. Glad she lasted so long and glad she got out on her own terms. How do you find it, being a BBW in the adult world? 

CM: It’s a little difficult. There is a big stigma attached to being a BBW, so sometimes it can be tough to find male performers willing to shoot with a larger female. There is a special constituency of male performers who will shoot with you, but only for POV scenes. 

PK: Oh that is interesting. 

CM: Yes, and I will not work with those guys because I don’t want to be treated like a dirty little secret. 

PK: Yes, POV means the male performer holds the camera and you never get to see his face, therefore, we never know who the guy is. 

CM: Correct. I will not shoot with them. I feel that if you’re going to shoot with me you have to be willing to show your face. Unless you’re famous for POV, otherwise I won’t shoot with them. 

PK: Have you ever done an anal scene or a DP scene? 

CM: I am totally down with doing an anal scene if somebody paid my price for it. 

PK: Well that makes sense. 

Curvy Mary

CM: There has been demand from my fans for anal, but nobody has met my price yet, so it would be a big seller if it were to be done. 

PK: Interracial? 

CM: Actually, it is black male performers that mostly book scenes with me, so yea – plenty of that around. I love black men.  I have shot with guys of all races except Asian, because I think there aren’t enough Asian male performers out there. 

PK: Finding a good Asian is very difficult, true. Do you shoot in Vegas or do you go to LA? 

CM: Both. I go to both and shoot in both. Jersey and Florida too, basically wherever I’m needed. 

PK: I would imagine it is tough to get a lot of work being BBW. 

CM: There are not a lot of sites that feature BBW. I reached out to BRAZZERS and got no response so they aren’t interested, agents are tough to come by as well, they don’t want to touch BBWs either. So it’s tough. 

PK: Did you know this when getting into the business or is this something you found out once you got in? 

CM: I knew before getting into the biz that being a big girl would mean fewer opportunities, but I didn’t know how huge the disparity would actually be. 

PK: It is quite a mountain to climb, no question. 

CM: I have reached out for more mainstream opportunities. I have been in Hustler Magazine website articles, and I’ll be in print too. So I’ve had my pictures out there for all to see. 

PK: Well this business changes all the time. It used to be when a female performer hit a certain age, no one wanted anything to do with her. Now, she just becomes a MILF, then a GILF, and I’m like, wow when it is going to stop? 

CM: Things are much different now than it was in the 90’s. Different body types, different ages, there is something out there for everybody these days. It is truly the age of the content creator now. 

PK: Well said. Your chances of getting steady work are better now than they were before. They watch granny porn, great granny porn, I mean there are no limits anymore. 

CM: It is so true. 

PK: Now with your podcast, what do you plan to do next, or what topic do you think you’ll cover? 

CM: Well I would love to get on a mainstream radio type situation like SiriusXM or something big like that. For now, I’m focused on getting more mainstream guests on the show and I’m reaching out to more people, larger audiences, finding a place on the podcast landscape. 

Curvy Mary

PK: Do you host these shows by yourself or do you have a group or a co host? 

CM: I host it by myself. I would be open to having a co-host but I haven’t found anybody to really push me in that direction yet. If I found the perfect person I would definitely do it. 

PK: Okay, and your audience is 18+ ? 

CM: Nobody has gotten naked on it yet. 

PK: No orgasms on the podcast? 

CM: Nope, not yet. The only limitation for the platform is no sexual content. No outright porn. 

PK: So you guys can talk about dicks and all that stuff? 

CM: Absolutely. 

PK: So that’s cool. 

CM: I have scenes coming out on all the BBW sites this year, and the podcast, so I’m keeping pretty busy these days. 

PK: Were you nervous when you first went naked on set? 

CM: No, not really. In order to get into porn in the first place you need to be an exhibitionist. It was “okay let’s have sex now” and that’s all it was. 

PK: Were you a stripper before porn? 

CM: No, I started on OnlyFans, and then a couple months later I started doing hardcore. 

PK: Oh I see. 

CM: I am now on Streammate, that’s where I do some webcam work. I like that platform and they are really good for BBW content. 

PK: Well I am excited for what the future holds for you, Curvy Mary. You seem like a smart, hard worker who is really taking this business seriously, and to be honest, that is half the battle. So I thank you for your time and wish you all the best. 

CM: Thank you Paulie K. It was great talking with you today. 

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