MWA:  06-29-23 – Myles’ Weekend Adventures:  Delilah Deluxxx

by konkon


Myles Shaffer
Myles Shaffer

Bonjour mon amis!  Comment ca va?  Myles Shaffer here.  You guessed it people.  This article will be about only one feature entertainer.  However, I do consider her to be a good friend and a very good performer.  So why not read on and learn the details?  Great!  Then let’s move on without any further delay.

Delilah Deluxxx

Saturday night, May 27, 2023, involved a drive down to San Diego to spend a little time with Delilah Deluxxx and to observe both of her shows on the final evening of her latest booking at Exposé Gentlemen’s Club.

For her first performance of the evening, Delilah did what I am going to call her Calypso Show.  At the beginning of this performance, Delilah wore a blue, green, yellow, red, and purple long sleeved midriff top and floor length skirt that was split almost all of the way up the front.  Under her top, Delilah wore a purple bra that was decorated with a good number of silver sequins.  She next wore a purple waistband that was also decorated with silver sequins.  Beneath her skirt, Delilah wore a purple and red G-string.  Delilah’s footwear for this show was a pair of clear shoes with stiletto heels and somewhat low platform soles.

At various times during this performance, Delilah did a fire show with two torches.  She also danced with two long streamers.  She additionally did a handstand or two, or maybe three, but definitely at least one.

As Delilah generally does, she committed some good interaction with just about all of the tip rail customers during this show.
Delilah performed this show to, “Anaconda,” by Nicki Minaj, “Havana,” by Pentatonix, “Dinero,” by Jennifer Lopez featuring DJ Khaled & Cardi B, “La Romana,” by Bad Bunny featuring El Alfa, and, “Taki Taki,” by DJ Snake, Selena Gomez & Ozuna featuring Cardi B.

During her final performance of this booking, Delilah did what I am going to call her Egyptian Show.  For this show, Delilah wore a red and gold colored headdress and a gold cape.  She also wore a dark blue bra that was adorned with some gold chains.  With her bra, Delilah additionally wore a blue loin cloth style floor length skirt.  Beneath her skirt, she wore a pair of blue G-string-like thong panties.  Delilah’s footwear for this performance appeared to be the same shoes that she had worn during her first show of the evening, and that was no problem.  The shoes worked well with both costumes.

At one point during this performance, Delilah again danced with two burning torches.  She ended this performance with a bath show.
Delilah again did some good interaction with many of the tip rail patrons.

During this performance, Delilah danced to, “Egyptica,” by Deficio, “Dark Horse (Remix),” by Workout Music (Actually, I cannot figure out exactly who might have performed this number.  Apparently, it was music to listen to while working out.), “Afterhours,” by TroyBoi featuring Diplo & Nina Sky, and, “Majesty,” by Vince Anthony.On this evening, Delilah again had somewhat long black hair only this time she had a patch of blonde hair across the top of her forehead.  Delilah’s eyes are blue or green depending upon her mood and/or the clothes that she might be wearing at the moment.  This lovely lady stands five feet three inches tall, and she weighs in at one hundred fifteen pounds.  When it comes to Delilah’s great looking measurements, I didn’t think to ask Delilah about them, and I can’t rely on any of my past articles about her since there have been some changes.

Since I have known Delilah for several years now, I feel that I can honestly say that she is very friendly, smart, and well-spoken.  It is also my opinion that she has a great sense of humor, and that she enjoys meeting and speaking with her fans.

Delilah performs quite well on stage.  She also continues to create new costumes and new shows to go with the costumes.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that anyone who might get an opportunity to go to a club to observe some of Delilah’s performances and to meet her in person should never allow said opportunity to slip away from them.  I feel certain that they will find it to be a very enjoyable experience.

Apparently, Delilah does not have an official website.  However, she can be found on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

That will just about do it for now good people.  We should all meet back here the next time to continue discussing fun events and gorgeous women.  Until then, everybody please take care, stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,

Myles Shaffer


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