MWA: 11-18-2023 Myles’ Weekend Adventures; Lauren Lotus

by konkon


Myles Shaffer
Myles Shaffer

Bonjour mon amis!  Comment ca va.  Myles Shaffer here.  As what has become the usual, this article will be about only one feature entertainer.  Although, she was well worth the drive.  So hopefully, everybody is now ready to read on and learn the details.  So, why don’t we get started?  But first, I would like to mention something else.

Herschel Savage
Herschel Savage

For anybody who may not already know about it, the legendary adult film star Herschel Savage has passed away.  It has been reported that Herschel died Sunday night, October 8, 2023, at the age of 70.

I am very fortunate in that I was able to meet and speak with Herschel several times over the years.

Herschel was a very nice and funny guy, and he always treated people he met like friends.  The world has lost a great man.

Okay, let us move along now.

Lauren Lotus

Friday night, November 10, 2023, it was a drive down to San Diego’s Exposé Gentlemen’s Club to say hello to Lauren Lotus and to observe her first performance of the evening.  (I had intended to observe both of Lauren’s performances during the evening; however, at one point in time between the first and the final performance, I started feeling really tired.  So, in the interest of getting home alive and still in one piece, I said goodnight and hit the road.)

For her first show of the evening, the one that I was able to observe, Lauren did her Barbie Doll Show.  She stepped out of an almost ceiling high Barbie Doll box onto the stage wearing a pinkish mini-dress with a narrow band of black trim around the neck area.    Beneath her dress, Lauren wore a pink bra with Barbie spelled out with sequins on both of the breast cups.  The bra also had black straps.  With her bra, Lauren wore a pair of pink and black G-string-like thong panties.  The crotch panel of the panties was practically covered with sequins.  Lauren’s footwear was a pair of black knee-high boots.  The boots had what I would call high heels.  But, instead of being really high stiletto type heels or something similar, they were more like walking heels that were no more than about two inches high.

Near the end of this performance, Lauren performed a fire show with two single flame torches followed by two five flame torches.  She then ended the performance with a bath show.

During this show, Lauren danced to, “Barbie Girl,” by Sam Giancana, Robbe & DJSM and featuring Dayana, “Sex Metal Barbie,” by In This Moment, and, “Love-Hate-Sex-Pain,” by Godsmack.

Although this was a pretty busy show, Lauren did find a little time to interact with a few of the luckier tip rail patrons.

Not only is Lauren a good feature entertainer, but she is also intelligent, quite friendly, and very well spoken.  She also has an excellent sense of humor.  So, in the opinion of this writer, nobody should ever pass up an opportunity to find their way to a club to see Lauren perform and to meet her in person.  I cannot believe they would not thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Lauren comes complete with long blonde hair and green eyes.  She stands five feet two inches tall, weighs in at one hundred twenty pounds, and her beautiful measurements are 32C-25-27.  Lauren additionally has a great smile!

Lauren can be found at:

She is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (Now known as X), and TicTok.

Okay good people, that will just about do it for now.  We should all meet back here the next time and continue discussing fun times and gorgeous women.  Until then, everybody please take care, stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,

Myles Shaffer


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