Nickey Huntsman Earns Historic AVN Nomination

by konkon


Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

Los Angeles, CA


In the digital age of adult entertainment, you do not see many “firsts” these days. Everything has either been attempted or tried, has it not? If you ask Nickey Huntsman and the Vanilla Gaming Company, the answer would be a massive no. On November 13th, 2023 both Nickey Huntsman and the Vanilla Gaming Company made entertainment history again, by earning a 2024 AVN Nomination for Best Mainstream Venture. A category created for those performers and companies that go above and beyond the world of fantasy on film. An award that is given to those who take their passion for erotica and all its innovation, to places far outside the X-rating. That is exactly what Nickey Huntsman and The Vanilla Company accomplished with Retro-Knock Out, the first video game to feature an adult performer as a playable character, within a storyline built for adult gaming enthusiasts. 

“To say this is a dream come true is an understatement. I have always wished to be in a video game way before I became a performer. This is an honor that fills my heart with so much gratitude for the many years that I have worked in the world of adult films. I am so thankful to Neil Herrin and his amazing company for casting me in this game. Allowing me to have the time of my life creating this character within Retro-Knockout. I have never been a woman to back down from a challenge and I have never been an actor who believed that her range could only be defined in one place. We made history by creating this game together. Hopefully, we will get to take home the award for Best Mainstream Venture, to show the world that there is no limit to what a porn star, and a company that sees porn stars for the entertainers that they truly are, can accomplish.” Nickey Huntsman

The 2024 AVN Awards & Expo will be held once again in Resorts World Las Vegas. Make sure to plan a trip to “Sin City” so that you can visit Nickey Huntsman at the 101 Modeling Booth. Where she will be signing daily, meeting and greeting her fans, and enjoying the many after-parties during the week’s festivities. You can purchase your tickets for the expo & awards show here, make sure to tell them Nickey Huntsman and Retro-Knockout sent you:

Retro-Knockout is a video game that is doing more than breaking down barriers and bringing worlds together as opposed to having them collide. The game combines the worlds of old-school, comedic, scantily clad PC adventures like Leisure Suit Larry, with the legendary console charm of NES lore and legend in a boxing ring. It is a game designed by adults, for adults with adult stars to “peak” your interest. This is the first video game to feature a porn star as a heroic, playable character, as well as the sexy eye candy that has always driven gamers towards the “M” rating that so many other companies take for granted, or only use for show. Owner Neil Herrin had this to say;

“It’s nearly the year 2024 and “mainstream” media shuns the adult film industry and almost anything that has to do with nudity, and it’s ridiculous.  It’s acceptable for grotesque violence, outlandish killing, and over-the-top fighting, but the moment you show a beautiful topless woman the entire gaming industry hates you, it’s unbelievable. We live in a prudish America that needs to grow TF up and understand that gaming is an art form on the same level as movies, television shows, music, etc…  It’s a form of entertainment that was created by a generation that’s 40+ years old and it’s perfectly acceptable for that media to have grown over the years with its audience, we’re not kids anymore.  Being the first game to ever be nominated by the AVN Awards is a high honor, and it’s something I’m very proud of.  The best part about this whole situation is Retro KO! was only our first game. We have BIG things in the works on our next game with a planned release of late 2024.”

You can purchase Retro-KO right now at a holiday discount on Steam:

Make sure that you register, create an account, and show that you are an adult, looking to purchase a game that has adults, and their many passions all wrapped up in both the hottest and coolest of holiday decor. Nickey Huntsman and The Vanilla Gaming Company want you to witness history in the making yourself. Test your skills in the ring and find out for yourself that this veteran adult film starlet is more than worthy of winning the 2024 AVN Award for Best Mainstream Venture. She will see you in Vegas! 

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