Rebecca Love Interview: Six Quick Questions by Cat Cleavage

by konkon


Q-1 What years were you in porn?
I started in Adult Entertainment back in the 90’s. Movies were just the stepping stone to feature dancing in strip clubs.

Q-2 What was one of your favorite sets/movies you were in on.
My favorite movies were when I did the Skinemax ones for Jim Wynorski and Fred Ray on Showtime and HBO., Vivid Video and Wicked also had very amazing sets too.

Q-3 How many movies did you do?
I am sure on It’s around 70 something, however, since I’m a content creator, there is plenty of movies and clips of me on the Internet that I have created myself and with studios.

Q-4 What would you be doing if you didn’t do porn?
Exactly what I’m doing now! I am a “content creator.” Porn was just the catalyst to get me to exactly where I need to be. I do so much more now than I ever did back in the day.

Q-5 What is your special talent?
Adapting to change. I love learning new things, and technology makes me hungry. I guess I was born in the right era, Gen-X, because now I’m filming content in the metaverse with Frisky Avatars.

Q-6 What social media do you do in your spare time?
All of them which you can find on my website


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