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By Paulie K

Paulie K: Hello Jayson, can you tell me when Fuzzy Peach got started? 

Jayson Knight: Fuzzy Peach Productions began back in 2015. I moved from a small town in Georgia, to Orlando, Florida and started shooting. One thing lead to another and we started doing DVD’s, conventions, and things like that. I got two AVN nominations for my work, which was really thrilling. 

PK: Jayson that sounds like a very hot start! Good for you. 

JK: Well yeah, but then Covid hit, and my Dad got sick so I had to step away. 

PK: Oh I am so sorry to hear that. 

JK: Yes, thank you. So I just started coming back this year and I got some really good stuff on the way. 

PK: Hey that’s great! You’re like The Comeback Kid!

JK: Yeah, I got Latina Desire with Vivianne DeSilva who stars in the first of that series, and I’m going to pick back up on that pretty soon. That series was a lot of fun to do and I am very much looking forward to continuing that. 

PK: That sounds good – I mean, hey, who doesn’t like Latinas and their desire, right? 

JK: Exactly, but I’ve got a brand new series coming out, well it’s a continuation of Sugar Baby Diaries. I am starting that back up and that is going to be with the beautiful Nikki Sweets. So I got a lot of stuff on the way for this year.

PK: Wow, this all sounds very interesting. 

JK: Yes, this would be the third installment of the series. The first series came out in 2018 with Angelika Cruise, Lenna Lux, and Holly Hendrix. That was all shot down here in Florida, some in Orlando, some in Tampa. After that, we moved on to Beach Babe, Sugar Baby Diaries. That had Tyler Quinn, Vienna Black, McKenzie Mace, girls like that.  So these new installments of Sugar Babies are picking up after that, after the Beach Babe titles. I don’t want to spoil anything but we have brand new very interesting scenery and some amazing girls. One of them is Nikki Sweet and I am telling you she is going to be a superstar. 

PK: Yes, Nikki Sweet! I saw pics of her and she is a complete knockout! Good for you on grabbing her for your projects. 

JK: Oh she looks fantastic and is wonderful to work with too. 

PK: She is gonna be a big big star.

JK: I think so, she is very sexy. 

Nikki Sweet

PK: So you own the company, you produce, do you star in them too? 

JK: Yes I do – they are all shot POV style. 

PK: That is quite ambitious. You must really have a love for porn. How on Earth did you make the leap and dive deep into this kind of thing? 

JK: I’ve always had a strong interest in the adult industry. I have always seen and followed AVN, and I always wanted to be a part of it. I have a background in broadcasting with editing so I had some sort of idea of how to put things together. This is something I always wanted to do. I loved making films. 

PK: That sounds like you made the right choice. Now what sets Sugar Baby Diaries apart from all the rest of the porn out there? 

JK: It’s all Sugar Babies scenes, so it all starts with the Sugar Baby taking her Sugar Daddy back to his place. He shows the girls a good time and then he gets shown a good time. So it’s different than the rest of the porn. My Latina series takes place in Columbia. Sugar Baby Diaries takes place in Florida. The girls get taken out, they get spoiled. They do a bit of a show for their Sugar Daddy with their sex toys and what have you, and then they give an amazing blowjob after that. It’s a nice little story. I actually like the Sugar Baby theme. 

PK: So it’s a Sugar Daddy playing around with his Sugar Baby. Is there any hardcore sex? 

JK: No, these are just blowjob scenes, but they are tremendous blowjobs. 

PK: Do the girls get naked? 

JK: Yes. Some of them may just take off their tops, but they do strip down in most scenes. You do get treated to some solo masturbation with the girls at the very beginning. The whole thing is a little story, a little tease and a big blowjob to end the party. 

PK: So you actually have some foreplay in your videos. 

JK: Yes of course, yes. The girls will spend some time stripping down, then playing with themselves and all that before we get serious. 

PK: Oh I like that! Cumshots too? 

JK: Yes, always a cum shot. Sometimes it’s a facial, sometimes they swallow, it’s a variation but there is always a big finish. 

PK: I really like that this has some structure to it and takes things in order and builds up to a nice ending. 

JK: Thank you. 

PK: Now what is this Latina series about? 

JK: Latina Desire is a series I have always wanted to do. I recently had the chance to go to Cartagena, Columbia and I got some amazing footage down there. I’ve been there twice already. The first installment of this series is with Vivianne DeSilva and she is absolutely perfect for this. Her acting, her blowjob skills and her looks are all just incredible. I have more of those lined up to do as well, and I can’t wait for people to see this and just enjoy it.  

PK: Now I can’t stop thinking about Romancing The Stone when you say Cartagena. I think every guy our age wants to visit Cartagena and wear alligator boots. 

JK: Oh I loved that movie too. 

Vivianne DeSilva

PK: Is Latina Desire set up the same way Sugar Baby Diaries is set up? 

JK: Well we just did the first one. It involves me traveling over to Cartagena and I meet someone from my past. So it’s about hooking up with someone that you’ve known for a long time and are just getting re-acquainted and having a good time.

PK: So does this series also entail some foreplay and blowjobs? 

JK: Yes the Latina Series has foreplay and it does end with a terrific blowjob. No sex in this series either. 

PK: Wow so it looks like you’ve got two great series going here. Anything else you got going on besides these two? 

JK: Well by the time I get finished prepping and shooting and editing these two series, it’s going to take up my entire 2022. In 2023 I have some dynamite ideas that I want to bring to fruition.

PK: How many videos do you think you put out a year? 

JK: Right now I am putting out a new scene every month. Maybe in the future I can handle a bit more than that. Right now every series, Sugar Baby Diaries and Latina Desire has 6 scenes to it. So that’s why they take up a year if all goes well. 

PK: Man there is just no breathing room for you, is there. Your schedule is jam packed! 

JK: Yes I am very fortunate to have so much going on. 

PK: Okay so your shows can be found on ManyVids? 

JK: Yes both series are available on our website, ManyVids, Clips4Sale, IWantClips, and OnlyFans.

PK: Jayson thank you very much for your time, seems like you guys have a lot of interesting new porn coming out and I can’t wait to see it. 

JK: Thanks Paulie K, it was a pleasure. 

Vivianne DeSilva

Guys if you want to watch, view, and purchase any of Fuzzy Peach’s videos, please go to the following. 


Instagram: Fuzzy_Peach_Productions

OnlyFans: fuzzypeachproductions

Twitter: FuzzyPeachProd

Jayson Knight’s personal Twitter: JaysonKightXXX 


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