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By Paulie K

With over 5 years of experience, multiple awards and features in the biggest publications,  Nathan Bronson has become about as bankable in this industry as you can get.

Starting out as a stuntman, Nathan branched out to a few jobs that have served him well, including being a professionally trained chef. This man takes care of his body and mind like no other, and there was no other guy I wanted to talk to, to try and get some secrets to a happy healthy sex life.

Paulie K: Hello Nathan! So great to finally speak with you! Thank you for doing this for me.

Nathan Bronson: Hey no problem. Glad to do it.

PK: So before we get into porn, I am really intrigued about this stuntman work you were doing. Was it like mainstream stunts for movies and television and things like that?

NB: Yea it was how I started out. I was working at Universal Studios doing live shows over there. The problem was porn and other gigs were getting in the way. I originally came to LA to do stunts and porn was something I was doing for extra cash to pay the bills.

PK: Well you certainly were not hurting for work.

NB: No, not at all, it was quite the opposite. I was doing fire burns and fight scenes there at Universal and I was thrilled, but I was getting more calls to do more porn and it just began to take off.

PK: Man that is crazy, you were in high demand in porn like right away!

NB: Yea, I was fortunate, then I dated two girls in the industry and that just took up the rest of my time. But this past year I’ve been working hard to get back into the stunt industry because it’s something I really love to do.

PK: Are they welcoming you back?  Or do they turn their back to you because of the porn.

NB: No they have been terrific, I’ve been stunt coordinator for a few projects already, just trying to find that balance, you know?

PK: Wow, you have a problem many people wish they had! Too much work and porn!

NB: Yea I guess so. These days I’ve been working in porn every single day.

PK: What? So you have to orgasm every single day?

NB: Well yesterday I did two scenes so I came twice, the day before I did once. I’m doing another two scenes tomorrow – right now the only day I have off is Monday.

PK: Wow that is a lot. How can you do so much of that?  Pills? Drugs? What?

NB: Well Paulie, knowing how your body works is extremely important. You must eat healthy, stretch a lot, tons of water, I’ve always been a horny guy but I don’t think that plays into anything. Day in and day out, doing what you need to do for your body, and yes, there will be bad days as well. It’s never always going to be perfect. So never panic, never worry – just keep your good habits going and good things will happen.

PK: How do you get prepared for a scene? How do you get turned on so much? Do you sit there on set and watch porn on your IPhone?

NB: No I never watch porn. I usually wake up very early and start working out. I do a mile run, then I do some shadow boxing, then I go get tested, then I meal prep for the day, then go to work, bust out the two scenes, then study my dialogue for tomorrow,  go to bed, wake up and do the same routine.

PK: That is some major discipline there. Now there has got to be days when you are not horny, or just sick of sex, what do you do? How do you get horny when you’re not horny?

NB: Hey, I’m a pro – there are never days when you’re not horny. Ha! Just kidding. There are a lot of days when you are not horny and have to deliver. It’s the job.

PK: So what’s the secret?

NB: Viagra helps a little bit, but it doesn’t make you horny. It just helps distribute the blood flow. You still have to have your mind right. There was a time in the beginning of my career where I was so nervous I took six Viagra pills and nothing happened. It’s terrible for your body, and terrible for your heart. It’s all about your mind. If you are having sex and you’re not into it, you can take a break, go be by yourself, focus on something besides sex and sexual stimulation, so that when you come back, you can be fresh and get into the scene. It’s all about mindset and knowing your body.

PK: Man that is more work than I ever thought porn would be. That is insane. A 9 to 5 job is looking pretty good right now.

NB: Yea and VR scenes are something totally different and they are shooting those more and more now.

PK: What is VR?

NB: Virtual Reality scenes. You cannot touch the girl, at all, and you barely see her because the camera is directly in front of your face. So you don’t touch them, or see them, and yet still have to get turned on and do your job.

PK: Sounds like some kind of torture.

NB: Can’t use your hands, cannot make eye contact, nothing. Just get hard and that’s it.

PK: Yikes that is worse than water torture. Ok – time for the big question – how do you hold back and how do you “finish” on cue? Sometimes I’m ready to finish in like 30 seconds. How do you guys keep it in for all that time?

NB: Ok good example – yesterday I was working with these two girls who were absolutely amazing at their job. In the first position they are doing their own thing for 20 minutes. These girls are very good at their job. So when I got close, I would not look at them. When I get close I focus on something around me that is not sexual. If there are tiles on the wall, or vents on the ceiling, I would count the tiles or the little bars in the vents. If it gets really bad I will stop completely and walk away for a bit. Just stall, that’s all.

PK: Geez that really is torture! No wonder you want to go back to stunt work!

NB: Oh I love stunt work, I adore doing it and it is tons of fun. I’m glad I’m getting back into it actually. Not that I hate porn, but I do want to find that balance.

PK: Agreed – now do you have any advice for the regular guy out there, reading this – for a good sexual encounter with their loved ones? I know every guy wants to be macho and make love like a porn star. So this is a good time to shell out some expert advice to tell all us schmucks.

NB: Yea of course! The main thing – the big secret that will help you, guaranteed – ask questions. Ask questions. Talk to her. Most guys think they have a “go-to” move or are awesome at something in bed – well you may be awesome at it, but she may hate it. Don’t just automatically do what some girl said you were great at, with every girl. Every girl is different and likes something different and hates something different. They are not made at a factory. Talk to her, ask questions. It makes a world of difference and really elevates an encounter.

PK: Communication. Simply communicate in the bedroom.

NB: Exactly, be open minded, non-judgmental, and communicate in the bedroom – things will go very well. Guaranteed.

PK: Okay good stuff. Not what I expected but it makes sense. You get right to the heart of the matter.

NB: I try.

PK: Let me recap before I let you go – the key to the whole horniness thing – diet, exercise and water.

NB: It is a mindset – train your body, get a routine going. And yes, eating healthy is an extremely big help. I cook all my meals, vegetables and protein, every day.

PK: Great! Good advice from an award winning master. Nathan Bronson thank you so much for your time. Best of luck and I hope to see you at Universal Studios soon.

NB: Thanks Paulie K! Had a blast. Take care.

Thanks for reading everyone, this is Paulie K, and you can catch me here at least once a month for another nugget of insight.  Take Care.

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2022 AVN Awards: Best Actor:A POV Story The Scheme, Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene:VRCosplayX Star Wars The Mandalorian: Ahsoka Tano A XXX Parody with Alexis Tae, and Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene:BaDoinkVR A Roll in the Hay with Charly Summer


With a little over five years in the industry, Nathan has done over 900 scenes for all the top-shelf sites, including Pure Taboo, Adam & Eve, MissaX, Nubiles, Wicked Pictures, Penthouse, Evil Angel, Kink.com, Adult Time, Naughty America, New Sensations, Girlfriends Films, Sweet Sinner, Hustler, Burning Angel, Team Skeet, Reality Kings, and Cherry Pimps. He’s one of the most requested male performers and has a non-stop work schedule. Nathan has scored some top-notch awards nominations from the XBIZ, AVN, Inked, Fleshbot, XRCO, XBIZ Cam, NightMoves, and AltPorn Awards, including Male Performer of the Year, Best Actor, Best Leading Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Clip Artist of the Year – Male, Best Cock, Best Total Package, and Best Newcomer, as well as his scene work. Nathan has been featured in multiple editions of Hustler Magazine’s Sex Boot Camp, where adult performers dole out advice on everything sex, AVN Magazine, and had his own Hustler Mag exclusive interview in October of 2021.


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