Kiki D’Aire Makes Her Triumphant Return to Dog Fart

by konkon


Friday, December 15th, 2023

Las Vegas, NV


Kiki D’Aire is no stranger to the world of This legend of the acting world made her first appearance opposite Jovan Jordan in the company’s video gem Kiki D’Aire Cuckold Sessions many moons ago. A porn production that has wrangled up thousands, upon thousands of downloads and streams over the past eight years. Now, Kiki D’Aire makes her grandiose return to their XXX stage. In a classic porn star scenario. Topped off with a modern, DogFart twist. Kiki D’Aire and the award-winning male stud Jack Blaque star in; Kiki D’Aire Has To Have Him

“I believe this is my sixth scene with Yes, I do keep tabs on instances like this. That is because DogFart has always been a company that showcases my performance prowess better than almost any other throughout the years. Fetish, kinky sex, glamorous filth. I never know what it is that I am going to get into when I get booked with Dog Fart. What I do know, is that on every occasion, they have taken my game to a whole new level. I feel as if I reach a new group of fans and fanatics with every single one of my Dog Fart roles. Their fans are loyal, hungry, and filled with as much vigor as the production crew is. This scene with Jack Blaque took me back to the early days of my career. There is a reason Jack is a three-time award-winning male talent. So much dedication to quality, production, and pleasure. That is why this is a gold-standard Kiki D’Aire scene of 2023 for my fans.” – Kiki D’Aire

What makes Dog Fart the one-of-a-kind production studio they are, goes beyond the term “BBC” if you get my drift. No, I am not talking about The “British Broadcasting Company” either. This group of great filmmakers possesses a deep passion for style, shock, and sass. It is what has made them an industry standard among porn fans across the globe. Fitting for a starlet who has journeyed across every ocean on this planet to do the same for her fans. Both are always in pursuit of the next great fantasy on film to take part in. Kiki D’Aire is a veteran porn star who has always been known to carry a scene with her beauty and performance. Now, she “cums” home to the company that has showcased her in ways that few brands ever have. Kiki D’Aire Has To Have Him is vintage filth for her fan-following faithful. 

Watch the trailer for Kiki D’Aire Has To Have Him:

Prepare for a December release that will have you seeing beyond the limits of fetish and niche pornography!

After you have seen the latest, watch the greatest! Check out every Kiki D’Aire scene within the DogFart Network. Especially this unforgettable GloryHole production that set the industry ablaze in 2016. A vignette that porn critics hail as a standard for what modern-age kink on video should always be. Kiki D’Aire and Dog Fart, it simply does not get any better than this.

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