MWA: 12-24-2023 Myles’ Weekend Adventures: Kenzie Taylor

by konkon


Myles Shaffer
Myles Shaffer

Bonjour mon amis!  Comment ca va?  Myles Shaffer here.  This article will be about another very beautiful feature entertainer.  So, why not read on and learn the details?  Great!  Then let’s get started immediately if not sooner!


Saturday evening, December 16, 2023, involved a trip down to San Diego’s Exposé Gentlemen’s Club to help Dino, the club’s owner, celebrate his birthday and to say hello to Kenzie Taylor and to observe her first performance of the night.

The original plan was to stay for both of Kenzie’s shows.  However, once I had eaten a plate of Dino’s mother’s great home cooked food, seen Kenzie’s first performance, and eaten a piece of Dino’s birthday cake, I was starting to feel tired.  So, I said my goodnights to the people I know and hit the road for home in the interest of getting there alive.

For her first performance of the night, Kenzie came onto the stage wearing a black trench coat.  beneath the trench coat, she wore a light-yellow bra, garter belt, and thong-like panties.  On her lovely legs, she wore a pair of sheer black mid-thigh length hose.  Kenzie’s footwear was a pair of high-topped black shoes with stiletto heels and platform soles.  The shoes had laces up their fronts.

Kenzie committed some reasonably good interaction with some of the luckier tip rail patrons during this performance.
Ms. Taylor comes complete with long blonde hair and her eyes are blue.  She stands five feet seven inches tall, weighs one hundred eighteen pounds, and her measurements are 36D-24-36.  Yes, Kenzie is a great looking lady!

Kenzie is intelligent, very well-spoken, and she is quite friendly.  She also enjoys meeting and speaking with her fans.

Kenzie Taylor’s stage performances are so good as many of the other feature entertainers I have seen over the years.  So, given her personality and her talents on stage, it is highly recommended that anybody who might get an opportunity to go to a club to see her perform and to meet her in person should take full advantage of said opportunity.  They will surely enjoy the experience.

Kenzie can be found on Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter), and  (On Instagram and X, look for @thekenzietaylor)

Okay folks, that will just about do it for now.  We should all meet back here the next time and continue our discussions of gorgeous women and fun times.  

Until then, everybody please take care, stay safe, have a great Christmas, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année,

Myles Shaffer


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