New Starlet Addyson James Releases Midnight Seduction

by konkon


Wednesday, December 27th, 2023

Los Angeles, CA


If there is one thing that today’s new starlet has an advantage over performers of the past, it is that they can start a fire that can be seen and heard roaring across the globe in seconds, let alone minutes. That is what brings us to the stunning Addyson James. Arizona’s newest “dime from the desert.” A model with the looks to draw you in, and the bite to keep you entranced. Addyson would like to welcome you to her domain with her first massive release. One that is built upon power, decadence, and enticement. proudly presents Midnight Seduction Starring new industry stud-for-hire Dommirage. Trust me when I say, this black stallion was bred for this line of work. Shot in one of the most polished studios in the Arizona sun, Kinky Sheets.

“I had received so many offers when I first began in this industry to shoot with some of the most well-known male talents in the business. At least that is what my manager tells me. I am as new to this line of work as can be. Learning every step of the way. Day in, and, day out. Looking to make a mark by not only being selective but also waiting to gather the proper crew to make my productions look as elegant and polished as possible. This is what introduced me to both Dommirage and Kinky Sheets. That is what I want my brand standard to be from the start. I think that first impressions are everything. So, I hope that fans understand why it took me such a long time to showcase my very first big production. This is how Addyson James says hello. I hope that you will all say hello back with a purchase of Midnight Seduction.”
–Addyson James

You can view Midnight Seduction on Friday, December 29th, 2023, on all of my platforms. But, if you were to ask me which marketplace delivers the best experience as I begin my journey, I would have to say that location is my OnlyFans.

Join now!

If you sign up before January 1st, you will receive a sizable discount on this very production, and many more in the near future. Midnight Seduction was filmed, planned, edited, and staged by Kinky Sheets. A soon-to-be industry standard in the Arizona desert. If I could entice my fans with a bit of #AddysonsElegance I would state to them that this scene is as sexy, provocative, and deviant as it looks on the surface. My charm and sex appeal can be heard in whispers, and seen with the wild performance that I bring out in Dommirage. This is sex served up on a platinum platter. Complemented with a fine wine, and a fine woman. Enjoy, and stay tuned for a lot more! 

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