MYLF Showcases A Captivating Holiday Twist With Part 2 of ‘Screwged’

by konkon


(Miami, FL / December 28, 2023) — MYLF proudly introduces the second installment of “Screwged” on Milfty with “Screwged Part 2: Plans for the Present.” Sheena Ryder continues her journey as a milf Ebenezer Scrooge, trying to navigate her way into becoming a better person. 

Sheena is still grappling with the aftermath of her mysterious encounter with the Ghost of Christmas Past (Slimthick Vic). Convinced it was all a dream, Sheena attempts to steady her nerves. Yet, her quest for humility takes another turn when Whitney Wright, Sheena’s former assistant, appears before her as the Ghost of Christmas Present. Whitney has a grudge towards Sheena, highlighting her ex-boss’s tendencies toward greed and self-absorption. 

Their journey takes them to the home of Sheena’s stepdaughter’s (Penelope Woods) fiancé’s (Rion King) family, whom Sheena views as “poor”. Conversations among Angel GostosaLily Lane, Elias Cash, and Jack Vegas paint a picture of Sheena’s perceived greed and coldness. Fearing for her daughter’s future, Sheena demands intervention, leading to a confrontation with Rion in his bedroom. After Sheena fabricates a story of infidelity between Rion and Penelope, Rion and Sheena make a horny deal that will ensure Rion never sees Penelope again.

As tension builds, one question remains: Is this an elaborate dream, and will Sheena find her path to redemption? Find out in Part 3 premiering January 6 only on Join today and get 6 months free! 

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