Danni Jones Releases Her First “Stepdaughter” Scene with Victoria Peaks

by konkon


Friday, January 5th, 2023

North Carolina


Meet Danni Jones, the true-to-life MILF who became an OnlyFans sensation, and has now made the jump to professional adult cinema, and, she is doing it in ways that are as genuine as her all-natural DDD bustline. Born In New York, seasoned with some Carolina spice, this Italian beauty has come to be known in the OnlyFans world as one of the most kinky MILFS on the platform. A new starlet whose sex appeal is as potent as a Long Island Iced Tea, and just as tasty. Friday, January 5th, 2024 marks her grand entrance into the world of self-produced, step-daughter cinema in, Dirty Little Secret. Which co-stars curvaceous cutie-pie Victoria Peaks. A co-produced vignette that is sure to send your fantasies to the highest of mountain tops. 

“How do I make the best statement to the fans as to why they should go out and join my pages to see Dirty Little Secret? I will let the sex speak for itself. I am a performer who loves sex. A true-to-life nympho, who has a sex drive that few can keep up with. I challenge every fan in the XXX world to see if they can stand the heat when they come into my kitchen. Be careful, I tend to get hot and juicy whenever the temperature in any room begins to rise. I love this job. I love having sex in front of a camera. I always have. I feel as if I have finally found a home in all my years of traveling and the sexual adventures that come with every city I venture to. I met Victoria at one of my very first eXXXotica expos that I attended professionally. We hit it off from the start, and now the fans get to enjoy our forbidden fruits just as much as we did. Take a taste, why don’t you? Tell me how sweet you think it is.” Danni Jones

Danni Jones has spent the better part of four years building her brand into one of the most highly followed new brands in the adult entertainment marketplace. Now, she releases her very first step-daughter XXX production. Dirty Little Secret can be purchased one day early if you sign up on her website. Remember, you don’t subscribe like on other platforms, DanniJones.com members get certain benefits that can not be shared on her website. dannijones.com/videos/76-stepmom-and-stepdaughters-dirty-little-secret

Dirty Little Secret marks the first time Victoria Peaks has appeared on the Danni Jones platforms. This tantalizing tale of girl/girl erotica is about a stepmom and stepdaughter trying to find a way to get closer. Bond because Daddy told them to do so. This XXX production of older/younger lesbian lust takes fans to an eloquent hotel room as the duo gets ready for the massage studio. Then, robes start to come loose, and big tits come out to be rubbed and reveled at. Family love massaged in with luscious lips and wet lesbian kisses. This vignette has a little bit of something for the girl/girl fan who wants their porn served up with great acting, dirty talk, and mouthfuls of pussy that will have fans remembering the days of porn when porn stars actually wanted to sleep with their co-stars, even when the camera was not turned on!

Her fan faithful have “cum” to know her as the MILF who enjoys her stepsons on the most erotic of levels. Now, enjoy her first EVER stepdaughter production. Join Danni Jones’ OnlyFans page today. Find out what the industry buzz is all about: t.co/oyyxkSkZqY

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