LaLa Tada and Scott Hancock Team Up For LaLa’s Point of View

by konkon


Friday, January 19th, 2024

Las Vegas, NV


Do you believe in magic? Do you enjoy entertainment that is not your everyday ordinary slice of erotica? Well, LaLa Tada is the starlet that you need to become acquainted with. “Cum one, Cum all!” That is the motto of this returning model to the land of XXX. A place that she has been familiar with since 2003. Yes, this view is something that has spanned the nation, as well as the globe. Now, she looks to get acquainted with adult film fans more on a bigger stage, with LaLa’s Point of View. The biggest release on her many scantily clad platforms, and her big jump back into the adult mainstream eye. 

LaLa’s Point of View was filmed in “Sin City” with one of the best independent eyes in the business—the talented Scott Hancock. LaLa’s Point of View is about showcasing the many things that make this shoot studio one of a kind, and its proprietor who is more than just a photographer. Let’s just say Scott Hancock has a few body parts that helped make this production come together for La La Tada. This returning starlet is looking to begin a new chapter in her career in the adult film world. A career that has spanned the pages of adult magazines. Featured her on both big and small screens galore since 2008. LaLa Tada is looking to find a place in every adult film fan’s hearts, in ways that are up to date and up to par with the digital age of XXX.

“My name says it all. Because I have something to present to the world of adult films, I have many tricks up my sleeves for the fans, and I will be presenting my adventures with that same type of mysticism and curiosity that helped coin the magician’s catchphrase, “Ta-Da!” That is my name, and I aim to live up to a very high expectation. I can not thank Scott Hancock enough for allowing me to create and pose within his beautiful studio. He is one of the hidden gems of the porn world. This POV scene is as sexy as it is beautiful to behold within a fan’s eye. I hope that everyone will tune in for all my adventures. I have so much to present to them. I have so much of myself to share.”LaLa Tada

LaLa’s Point of View is now available on all her platforms, starting Friday, January 19th. The place she suggests you start your adventures is within her ManyVids platform:

LaLa Tada’s ManyVids store is a XXX location filled with true variety for fans. From fetish to threesomes, LaLa Tada aims to become a household name in the adult film world by extending her modeling grace to every corner of the porn world. Older/Younger, Girl/Girl, Roleplay and Orgies, LaLa Tada has it all, and even more still, loves it all. This porn starlet aims to wow her fans with her genuine sexual charisma and drive to become one of the biggest porn stars in the world. 

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