Mia Dark Appearing Live from Kuldrin’s Krypt

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World Wide Web — Mistress Mia Darque, the Oklahoma Amazon will be live on Kuldrin’s Krypt video podcast to talk about the upcoming Lair at AVN fetish ball in Las Vegas, DomCon Los Angeles, BDSM education, and kinkly mental health. Darque will address these topics to Master Kuldrin’s viewers with her trademark sass. The show will stream Sunday, January 21 at Noon Pacific Time.

At 6’3″ before the boots come on, Mistress Mia Darque is a towering Dominatrix with over 20 years of experience in the BDSM lifestyle and service to the community. She is an educator at Sanctuary Studios in Los Angeles, serves on the board for DomCon, and performs at kinky events across the country.

“This is going to be a lot of fun,” promised Darque. “I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while. Mistress Cyan had Master Kuldrin interviewing Dommes and educators at DomCon Los Angeles long ago, and I missed out on it! I can’t wait to talk on Sunday about kinky relationships and get spicy with what we have in store for AVN in Vegas.”

Kuldrin’s Krypt is hosted by Master Kuldrin and his partner Mayfair, where they use Kuldrin’s years of experience in professional psychology and their combined expertise in BDSM to dispel myths, eliminate stereotypes, and answer questions about BDSM.

“Darque is someone I have an immense amount of respect for. She has tons of experience,” commented Master Kuldrin in a previous episode. “If you have questions about Pro Dommes, Female led D/s relationships, please be here with your questions. She will be happy to answer.” 

Mistress Mia Darque can be found at JustSayRed.com. She will be at the Sanctuary Studios booth for The AVN Show in Las Vegas January 24-27 and performing at the official Lair at AVN afterparty on Friday, January 26. Darque will also be presenting at the 10th Anniversary Black HerSTORY Bootcamp Weekend in Dallas, Texas, February 23-25.

Go to @Kuldrin“>www.youtube.com/@Kuldrin to set a notification for the live episode on Sunday. Viewers can comment and ask questions in the live chat feed. Visit kuldrinskrypt.com to find more and “Unearth the Truth!”


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