The Carnival of the Flesh Roadshow Debuts During AVN 2024

by konkon


Wednesday, January 17th, 2024

Las Vegas, NV


If you are an adult industry member, you may think that you know what the word “shoot house” means. It’s one of the most common business practices spawned amongst the many independent artists in the digital age of porn. Its folklore-style beginnings were rumored to have surged with the onslaught of OnlyFans. Then, it culminated to its current status post-COVID-19 pandemic. “Shoot houses” are a place for many bright minds and erotic souls to come together for a common goal of making content for their fans. With a quality and schedule that mimics the big-name production companies. Maybe even more so due to the sheer volume of collaborators. At least, that is what Alice Little and Taylor Nicole want to build within the largest production project of their careers. The Carnival of the Flesh Road Show. An experience that has never before been attempted. That will annually take place within the world of shoot-houses, expos, trade shows, and XXX gatherings nationally, and soon to be globally. 

The Carnival of the Flesh Road Show is not just about creating films and content for fans. It is about offering porn stars and performers something more. With the backdrop of something wild, kinky, stylish, and artistic. A week of production that is not about learning to become the girl next door. More so, learning to expand your sexual horizons in the world of fetish, freakiness, and feminine elegance that can only be described as the sexiest circus, not under a big top. The Carnival of the Flesh Road Show looks to teach performers to create content that fans simply can not look away from. Videos that fans will line up for around the block to purchase. Films created with state-of-the-art health and elite production teams behind the curtain. Ensuring one of the safest and most professional work environments ever assembled. That is the dream of creators Alice Little and Taylor Nicole.

“This has been something very close to my heart, for many years as a successful sex worker and content creator. I have witnessed many things over the years and met many people. I have had my fair share of ups and downs that all stemmed from learning experiences that I hope will make the road far easier to travel for new performers, as well as those who are stepping up to the next stage of their careers and brands. That is what we will be doing differently with The Carnival of the Flesh. This is what we hope will become an event that travels through multiple states and many different seasons of the year. Allowing this project to become an annual event in every fan’s neck of the woods! That is our goal. That is our promise”Alice Little

Think of The Carnival of the Flesh as an event that is going to draw the biggest stars from the expos and conventions that you know and love across the country. This is not a one-time event by any means. It is planned to become an annual gathering of artists within the adult entertainment community big and small. Creators are going to also be attending trade and fan shows in these very cities. Along with well-known production staff hired along for the ride to make this innovative, new-age content for multiple platforms. Prepped and doctored with advanced technology and information, they have never had at their disposal. The Carnival of the Flesh Road Show is built upon the idea that the digital age of adult entertainment is here and that the performers are ready to adapt to a new age of production and performance. All so fans can get some of the greatest entertainment from the land of XXX they have ever seen. 

The gathering for this event begins on January 21st, 2023, one day before the start of the 2024 AVN Expo. It will go all the way through the last day of the expo. The final shoot is planned to wrap at 8 PM on Friday, January 26th, in the late night hours. Within this monstrous, mobile production studio will be some of the biggest names in the industry today—that part you may have suspected already. The big kicker within this group of performers and production is Hall of Fame director Ivan Puba strapping on his camera to film the entire event. Spearheading the multiple productions. As well as season photographer Danny Vegas. Quality production people hired to help turn every collaboration into content that will be sold to fans who love elegance, and those who love a little shock and sizzle with their porn. The innovation does not stop there when it comes to what makes The Carnival of the Flesh unique.

This event will feature a daily podcast from one of the fastest-growing stars in the industry Sin City With Onyx Muse, and will chronicle the performers and the many brands that make up this experience of true travelling roadshow wonders and adult film oddities. Look for coverage from all your favorite adult entertainment media outlets. Shot and recorded at the highest quality, with the most dedicated porn folk in the world. Her list of guests grows everyday.

Besides an in-depth look at how true film production is accomplished with its many veteran production crew members attending. The Carnival of the Flesh will feature cutting-edge medical technology for the performers of our beloved business. Brought to them by Artemis Luxury Wellness one of the most dedicated medical professionals. One who has spent their career looking to make the adult industry safer at every level. Caring for the well-being of the modern-day sex worker in ways never before seen in the medical community. Not this advanced anyway. No matter if the performer is male or female. The way they will be protected in the future is with one of the most radical innovations in the world of safe sex and STI prevention, known as Doxyprep. Each performer will have the opportunity to use this advanced technology or simply educate themselves about the advances it can create in the industry. Helping to make the adult film business the safest that it ever has been, and it is all happening at The Carnival of the Flesh Road Show. 

The porn star/performer line-up includes stars from nearly every variety of erotic pleasure known to mankind. Including some 2024 AVN Award Nominees. As well as past trophy winners in multiple genres and categories. This Carnival of the Flesh has something for everyone. Step right up and see for yourself why this line-up within The Carnival of the Flesh Road Show will make this three-ring erotic circus the place to be in Sin City come January 21st.

Alice Little

Taylor Nicole

Vivian De La Cour


Fxxk Buck

Ms Caitlyn Brooks

Ayla Harper

Amethyst Taylor

Torrey Lisa

Olivia Bentley

Aliana Taylor

Wade Jones

Derek Strokes

Kita Joi

……and a few other surprise VIP reservations that we want to keep secret till showtime. 

This Carnival of the Flesh will include such productions that feature fetish, pegging, boy/girl, gangbangs, girl/girl, and much, much more. 

With These Features Events Already LIned Up……

The SinSaint Monster Toy Review with Taylor & Alice – Sometimes a title can tell you everything you need to know. Not within the walls of this Carnival of the Flesh. Nastiness and elegance cum together in more ways than one. In a solo twist of production that is going to feature some of the most unexpected names in the business, having a monstrously good time. Brought together by the playful producers over at SinSaint.

Dead Girlfriend – A world of paranormal lust being brought to you by Kita Joi, Torrey Lisa, and many, many more. A sexual odyssey that looks to have you looking deeper at what XXX content can be. You never know who may show up to this haunted sex house. 

Bootie Camp – A Taylor Nicole special. One that is going to test the limits of the many male and female hotties in attendance. Do you like to have your limits pushed? Do you like booties as much as Taylor Nicole does? Well, there is only one way to find out with this orgasmic obstacle course of sex, porn stars, and sexual prowesses that will be pushed in the firmest of ways. 

…… and many, many more productions that will show you a side of XXX you have never seen!

AVN Expo and Awards weekend is the biggest trade show on the globe within the world of adult entertainment. Now, it is set to kick off one of the biggest annual events destined to become a new standard in the land of adult content, creation, and performance. No matter if you are family or a fan, The Carnival of the Flesh Road Show aims to become an experience that will be synonymous with what the future of erotica is. We will see you all on January 21st, AVN Awards and Expo Week. Come one, come all XXX fans. Behold  a sight that no big top on Earth could reproduce. 

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