Fantasy Meets Comedy in MYLF’s New Series ‘Ask Your Mother’

by konkon


(Miami, FL / January 24, 2024) — MYLF is excited to announce the launch of its latest series, Ask Your Mother, where fantasy meets comedy in a hilarious exploration of dysfunctional families that live out their sexual tension in a very humorous way. From the neighborhood stepmoms to the older stepdads, barely-legal stepsisters, and even the college-going stepbrother, the series takes a bold and comedic approach to family dynamics. In this age of the extended family, nothing is taboo behind closed doors. Ask Your Mother dives into the world of step-family relations, leading to awkward, and not to mention promiscuously entertaining, good times. In a world where there’s no such thing as “normal,” this series breaks boundaries and promises viewers an unforgettable experience.

In the premiere scene, “Taking Care of Things My Way,” Vivianne DeSilva portrays a stepmom who is struggling with keeping the peace in her home. Her stepson (Nade Nasty) watches porn at the dining table and his stepdad (Sergeant Miles) can’t really stop them. When Miles aggressively asks Vivianne to take care of the situation, Vivianne decides to handle it in her own way. With the help of her stepdaughter (Selina Bentz), Vivianne turns the situation into a family affair. Making sure Nade is sexually satisfied and knows how to please a girl in bed. 

“We hope our fans enjoy this latest series that is our signature twist on classic sitcoms,” said a company rep. “From exploring different family dynamics to watching them settle their problems with steamy sex, this taboo series brings a whole new meaning to family fun!” 

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