Danni Jones Takes Center Stage Yet Again with 50PlusMILFS.com

by konkon


Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

Miami, FL


2024 will come to be known as the year of the MILF, and for good reason. There are so many female models to choose from in the genre. We can imagine that fans have a hard time finding out who the older women of stunning beauty and provocative sexual prowess are worth viewing. More importantly, who is worth spending your hard-earned dollars on? 50PlusMILFS.com and The Score Group may have that answer for you, and we are not just talking about promotion and marketing!

Danni Jones makes her third straight appearance with the Florida production company. Starring alongside new Hussie Models hunk Kai Jaxon in If fucking 52-year-old Danni Jones From Behind Isn’t One of the Best Things in the World, We Don’t Know What Is. 

“Yes, getting to play with younger men has become a bit of a calling card for me lately, not just within my productions but with my first big scenes in the adult film industry. Kai Jaxon was amazing. He is so good at roleplay. Everything that you see in this scene was done with a smile, including the way that I got to work on Kai himself once the sex got going. I have stated this before, and I will state it again, I love getting to fuck for a living. I know that is a bold statement, and I by no means look to come off as outrageous or, over the top. But I truly do love what I do. Getting paid to have sex is a dream come true. I figure, now it is time to make all my fan’s dreams “cum” true, and the Score Group did exactly that!” –Danni Jones

Danni Jones and the Pool Boy: Big Tits, Big Ass, and Pussy for a Lucky Dude is available to stream, download and view right now at 50PlusMILFS.com: www.50plusmilfs.com/xxx-milf-videos/Danni-Jones/75146/?nats=MTAwNC45LjY1LjE1OS42ODEuMC4wLjAuMA

Shot in 4K Ultra HD, this latest Score Group production is the best of the three yet. Danni’s favorite by far. She is being heralded as having one of the best sets of natural tits and bouncy booty this side of the Mississippi. Find out what it is that has fans following her by the thousands. Kai Jaxon shows why he is one of the biggest, up-and-coming stars on the Hussie Models roster with his crafty swordsmanship and believable acting performance. Prepare to have many, and we mean many, parts of your libido pleasured with the latest from 50PlusMILFS.com starring Danni Jones!

Become a member today for only $29.99. That is only $1 a day at 50PlusMILFS.com, join.50plusmilfs.com/signup/signup.php?step=signup&nats=MTAwNC45LjY1LjE1OS42ODEuMC4wLjAuMA

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