LaLa Tada Presents: Ladies Night

by konkon


Thursday, February 8th, 2024

Las Vegas, NV


Las Vegas always plays host to the biggest gatherings in the world. No matter your trade, Sin City is the place to be. But what do you do when you are with your girlfriends, and you are looking to do some sinning of your own? That is the dilemma that faced three of the most dynamic performers and content creators in Ladies Night. A collaboration with three of the fastest-rising MILF starlets in the XXX game today, Sofie Marie, Kyla Keys, and of course, brought to you by Las Vegas’s most sinful seductress herself LaLa Tada. With male counterparts Spike Irons and Doc McFuckins, who try to even the odds a little bit. The question is, can they be successful? Do they stand a chance against these three ladies?

“Ladies Night is a project that brought together so many lovely ladies that I wanted to work with the moment I returned to the industry. Sofie Marie is “wicked yummy,” alright, and I want the fans to know I had been dying to get a taste of her just as bad as they have. When we joined forces for this production, everything went just as planned. Then, there is Kyla Keys. Come on! I get excited just thinking about her in that sexy outfit from that night. This is group sex done with a woman’s wants and desires as the focus. The magic of this production is the true-to-life passionate chemistry that we all had on set together. This is the way that I think porn should always be. It is why I chose to work with all these amazing ladies, and I hope to do it again in the very near future. LaLa Tada

Ladies Night is now available in LaLa Tada’s ManyVids store. Just follow the link to purchase:

This tantalizing tale of female-driven group sex stars Sofie Marie, Kyla Keys, Spike Irons, and Doc McFuckins. Featuring something that LaLa believes will make you become an instant fan of hers. Her name is Tada, after all. That extra spice to her sexual recipes is authenticity. Watch porn stars engage in the lifestyle. Enjoy each other’s sinful delights with a realism that has nothing planned, scripted, or edited. Simply sexy women enjoy the thing that they love most. That is the LaLa Tada brand and her latest release, Ladies Night.

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