Addyson James Appears on the Michael Gavin Ali Show

by konkon


Friday, February 9th, 2024

New York, New York


New starlet Addyson James has spent the better part of her first year in the adult film industry shooting content, building her brand, pressing the flesh as any good porn star on the rise does. Now, she is telling her tale of fast beginnings so that her fans know her just that much better by telling her story on the Michael Gavin Ali Podcast. Hosted by Michael Gavin Ali, the host with the boyish charm that no porn star can help but resist, and Addyson James found this out the “hard” way. 

“Michael Gavin Ali, he is so sweet. I can not thank him enough for allowing me to tell my story on his podcast. I have seen the people that Michael has hosted with. He can hold his own among some of the best voices and faces in the world of podcasts and pornstars. This was an hour-long interview that I will never forget. It was a privilege to share my story with his audience.” Addyson James

Watch this episode of the Michael Gavin Ali Show, right now on YouTube:

Addyson James has been in the adult film industry since July 2023. An Only-Fans / Content Creator hybrid. This unique starlet on the rise looks to not blur the line between content creation and big-name production but to offer a perspective and brand name that showcases the wonder of both. She is not just a performer, she is not just a porn star. She is more than a MILF, and more than a model. She is Addyson James, “The Desert Rose.”

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