Spotlight On: Makana Moon’s Virtual Date Experience — Now on!

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Seattle, WA — BBWXXXAdventures is dialing up the fun with their latest scene that’s bound to phone into the hearts of users far and wide! Picture this: You’re sitting at home, scrolling absentmindedly, when bam! — your phone explodes with a call. It’s Makana Moon, and she’s here to shake up your day. As you answer, Makana’s gleaming smile fills the screen. She’s missed you, can’t you tell? 

Makana Moon is taking you on an unforgettable video chat adventure, crafted under the imaginative eye of none other than Nikki Sequoia of NoFilterFotos. “She makes every viewer feel like the sole focus of her universe.” says the director. 

Get ready to see her stroke, suck, and get things wet for you — it’s a dream come true, a rendezvous meant for you, and it’s all one click away on, as well as an exclusive full photoset.

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