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Friday, February 16th, 2024

Las Vegas, NV


     In the last six months, Queer Crush has been the biggest surprise among new companies and websites created in the digital age. They combine many aspects of the digital age of adult entertainment and the analog days that opened the door for us all. A XXX film company that is run, shot, booked, and created by all women. Women who love the adult industry and the company of other women. Especially when it is captured on camera in the most erotic form, this brings us to LaLa Tada and her second consecutive starring role with this new-age studio. Aptly titled, Not Fucking Around – LaLa Tada and Kitt Jones. This production is precisely what the title claims—and dear readers—so much more. 

“If there is one thing I can say about Queer Crush, it is that they arrange the most comfortable and powerful shoots for a performer. Working with every amazing lady behind the camera, I felt a hundred feet tall. I had never experienced anything like this in all my years of modeling. I would come back a hundred more times if Electra, Dahlia, and the team would have me. It was so much fun, and the set was brimming with passion, so much lust and want. If you love lesbian erotica, this is the place to be.”LaLa Tada

They have captured a look at women and sapphic erotica in ways that I do not think have ever been on film—at least not in an adult video designed to pleasure and fulfill. Kitt Jones also stars in this tasty treat. Kitt is a Las Vegas beauty who matches LaLa Tada in so many delicious ways and balances her sexuality and drive perfectly, shaping a scene that you can not do without. Let’s see what the director had to say. 

“I am a huge fan of LaLa. I’ve hired her before and fell in love with her energy and eagerness to work and make great films. She is a true performer, and I knew she would be a great fit for QC.” —Dahlia Von Knight

Make sure to check out every LaLa Tada scene on the Queer Crush website:

“Lala is an enthusiastic sweetheart whose smile lights up a whole room. I love having her for QC because she is dependable and makes sure everyone she works with has fun! She is a shining light who is a joy to have on set!” —Electra Rayne

……and those quotes come from the ladies in charge of this company destined for so many awards and accolades as they approach a year within the business. Always growing. Never showing the same kind of scene or performer twice. That is Queer Crush, and that is what LaLa Tada loves most about them. 

The most amazing aspect of this new age production company is that soon, every part of these epic Girl/Girl encounters will be made available directly to LaLa Tada’s fan base on her ManyVids and OnlyFans platforms. Offering fans of both LaLa Tada and Kitt Jones an opportunity to present this high quality content, shot by some of the most talented females in the world of adult entertainment in the modern era. 

Not Fucking Around – LaLa Tada and Kitt Jones is available right now, for your viewing pleasure. Just follow this link to the amazing wonder that is

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The Magic That is LaLa…….

Yes, having a last name like Tada means that you better have a surprise at every turn for the fans of the X-rated film world. That is what best describes the magic that is LaLa. A performer who already has 350 productions under her belt. Her filmography began in 2007 when she discovered what a little “slight of hand” could do to get her co-stars naked on set. She is a natural-born model through and through. With a degree in the swing lifestyle, this alpha-female’s encounters are as real as real can be. Some performers claim to have the most realistic performances on planet Earth. LaLa Tada takes her camera to swinger parties. Need we say more?

Originally from the snowy valleys of North Dakota, this blond bombshell has called many places home. All the way to her current residency in “Sin City.” LaLa’s life is filled with not so much “hocus-pocus” but is better described as an enchanting spell that will leave your head spinning depending on how much of the ride you can endure. 

Some of LaLa Tada’s favorite productions over the years have been with companies like Queer Crush and F-Bomb VR. The magic and mysticism does not stop there. She has ventured into many dungeons and dominant realms of the erotic world. Her love for fetish, dominance, and everything in between has seen LaLa work her way in and out of restraints like a sexy Houdini. Her versatility is wide-ranging. Want to see a true disappearing act? Watch her scenes with 2 Poles 1 Hole. It is something that can not be measured with a magician’s wand. You never know what LaLa Tada will pull out of her bag of tricks next. 

Discover the charms of LaLa Tada…..



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