Bree Austin Interviewed in Hustler’s February 2024 Issue

by konkon


Monday, February 19th, 2024

Bree Austin

Los Angeles, CA


There are few publications left standing that still allow fans to hold paper pages within their hands, among a couple of other things in the world of adult entertainment and periodicals. Hustler has long been one of the leaders and innovators of thought-provoking articles. Written interviews, statements, and editorials reflect a reality within our world that few have ever had the guts and heart to publish. No matter if it is pictures of a scantily clad former first lady or porn stars writing a view that few now exist within their massive hearts and intellects, Hustler is one of the greatest publications still standing that offers its readers something true, something bold. This is where we join MILF starlet Bree Austin and her contribution to the legendary Missy Martinez’s thought-provoking article, XXX Stars on Dating Apps. Published in the Valentine’s holiday issue of Hustler Magazine. 

Missy Martinez

“Missy Martinez is more than just a fellow performer that I look up to. She is a legend on the XXX screen—a woman who took so many boundaries and stretched them into the digital age of adult films. Yes, I will proudly admit that I was and am a fan of Missy Martinez. I am an avid reader, as any of my fans will know. Hustler has been a place that aided my jump into the world of adult entertainment, and it was through such honest writing that Missy Martinez presented. That is what made being a part of this article such an honor. I hope that fans take the plunge and look to see the world through the eyes of the porn stars they follow. There is so much more to us than just our naked bodies. XXX Stars on Dating Apps gave me a place to speak about that I was so proud of. I felt like I opened a few people’s eyes with this interview. I am forever in the debt of Missy Martinez and Hustler for giving me such an opportunity.” Bree Austin

XXX Stars on Dating Apps was written by Missy Martinez and also features commentary from Vicky Vice, Valentine VonBettie, and Mistress Danielle Blunt. It is a look at the modern world of dating. The new age era of women and how the adult stars of the digital age experience the same things that their civilian fans and followers do through the world of dating apps, relationships, and that compatible relationship that we all seek in one form or another, and always have since the dawn of time. Bree Austin’s commentary gives us a look at the beautiful older woman and what truths and misconceptions exist about a woman who makes a living as a sex worker. This is more than literature, dear reader. It is Hustler truth, presented with their sexy sass, that has often been imitated but never duplicated. 

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