The Dungeon Store Debuts Lightning Laces Body Bling

by konkon


Baltimore, MD — The Dungeon Store has added Lightning Laces body bling to their curated collection of BDSM gear and has the electrifying product available to retailers.

Lightning Laces body bling is a fetish accessory that gives the look of a corset on bare skin, and will conduct electricity when used during violet wand play. Lightning Laces have reusable jewels that paste on the bare back, chest, legs, or other parts of the body. A ribbon is laced through the loops on the jeweled pieces and tied like a corset. Both the bling pieces and ribbon are conductive. The garment comes with an extra ribbon, and is available in blue, red, purple, clear, and rainbow.

“These are hot on their own, but they feel amazing when used with a violet wand,” noted Anne Bryne, Founder and Co-owner of The Dungeon Store. “When a sub is wearing Lightning Laces, you can use a violet wand electrode across the ribbon and bling, or hook up your own conductive cable to spread sensation through the Lightning Laces with your hands, vampire nails, or mylar floggers. Consumers are only beginning to see some of the shocking ways Lightning Laces can be used as fetish apparel and kinky play.”

The Dungeon Store has been test marketing the electrifying product at fetish and lifestyle events across the country, and recently added these sparkling adornments to their online store.

“While these have been popular at BDSM events, Lightning Laces have also had good reception at lifestyle parties, and adult entertainment events” added Brittany Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director for The Dungeon Store. “There are many ways to pair these with lingerie, dresses, and harnesses for a scandalous presentation.”

Retailers can contact Brittany Wilson at for order information and details. Consumers can find Lightning Laces at the booth of The Dungeon Store during conventions for the sexually adventurous, or online, along with their curated collection of floggers, paddles, bondage rope and violet wand accessories at .


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