LaLa Tada Appears on The Local Talent Podcast

by konkon


Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

Las Vegas, NV


They are two of the biggest up-and-coming forces within the bright lights and shining stars of “Sin City” in the world of adult entertainment. LaLa Tada and The Local Talent Podcast convened together for a show among shows within the XXX landscape. A union that continues to add to one of the most one-of-a-kind media and entertainment experiences that fans could hope to discover in the digital age.

LaLa Tada says to fans, “Start your journey here…” The Local Talent Podcast is one of the most unique, in-house experiences an adult performer, content creator, director, or producer could hope to undertake. Their podcast is made up of industry professionals and veterans who have a true passion for what the industry is, without forgetting about the lust-filled rendezvous and fantasies that make adult films the staple of pop culture. That is what The Local Talent Podcast will soon be itself. It is real talk about health/wellness for men and women, with a touch of cannabis and a substantial focus, respect, and true-to-life wonder that is sexuality. 

“Niko, Stephanie, and Spckrft Studios are the most amazing things hidden in the Las Vegas desert. Or, should I say, a diamond among a sea of diamonds that still stands out? I think that fits the description of The Local Talent Podcast best. To be their first guest of 2024 is such an honor. The fans will be blown away, in the best of ways, with everything we created.”LaLa Tada

Watch all episodes of LaLa Tada on The Local Talent Podcast as they premiere. Starting Monday, February 26th.  >>

LaLa Tada is one of the fastest-rising commodities in the world of adult features. For most of LaLa’s adult life, she has been in front of the camera. Now, she tells her unique story with the wondrous flair of Niko, Stephanie & Spckrft Studios. A group of artists with a way of thinking that is going to change the way that we see, consume, and enjoy adult entertainment and broadcasting forever. These are two forces of nature that are coming together for some sexy OnlyFans fun, XBIZ TV badassery on the media wire, and a view of the lust-filled world of fantasy on film that you can get nowhere else but with The Local Talent Podcast and their first guest of 2024 LaLa Tada. 

All three episodes will be released the week of February 26th through March 2nd and can be seen on The NEG MEDIA PRO XBIZ TV channel >>

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