LaLa Tada Releases Shaundam Spectacular on ManyVids and OnlyFans

by konkon


Friday, March 8th, 2024

Las Vegas, NV


You have seen LaLa Tada and ShaunDam Von Smakavitz paired many times in front of a camera. They are two of Las Vegas’s most recognizable forces in the XXX game. One is an industry veteran who has been delving into independent production for well over fifteen years. The other is a model who has been shedding her duds for the best directors in the mainstream and adult worlds for many moons. Both are performers who have thrived within the realms of erotic artistry and XXX film needles to say. LaLa Tada and ShaunDam Von Smakavitz have come together for their biggest film series compilation yet.  A set of sexy scenes that has something for everyone. The first of which, “Calling For Cock: 2,” co-stars the stunning Krystal Davis. Prequels with “Calling For Cock: 1” A sizzling boy/girl session. A series where large appetites “cum” first. LaLa’s next set, starring our stud the hour ShaunDam Von Smakavitz is a VR fuck session filmed during a Raiders skirmish Sunday Night Fuck Ball 1 and 2. Which also comes in a 2D version. All come together to produce a set of scenes that will be LaLa Tada’s biggest offering she has ever released to her faithful fans in one week. 

“I can not say enough great things about ShaunDam. He is one of the most well-prepared male talents in the industry. Plus, he is a performer who delivers more than just a well-lit scene and precision production that looks as if it were shot on a Hollywood film set. When I was putting together my schedule of new releases, this was a group of productions that put a smile on my face and a wetness in my panties that took me back to daydreams of orgasms, slippery wet sex, and everything in between. I can not wait to see what my fans think of everything we produce. It is something that will satisfy everyone. Something that will satisfy every hunger, just as plentiful as mine was on the day we made it all happen in front of a camera. You are going to love this. I guarantee” LaLa Tada

The Calling for Cock Series is now available in its entirety to  purchase right now on LaLa Tada’s ManyVids store >>

This scene and others that follow will then be made available on all of her premium social media platforms to everyone who subscribes and has partaken in the magic that is LaLa Tada. Prepare for a threesome that has every shade of sexual passion and fire that I don’t think any fan will be able to turn away from. Get ready for powerful sex in many different dimensions, both 3D and 2D. See ShanDam’s physical attributes like never before. This set of LaLa Tada’s video offering has it all. Pussy licking, cock sucking, ups and downs that go every which way. Celebrating one of LaLa Tada’s favorite co-stars of all time. Enjoy, fans, and this is something you do not get to see every week on the LaLa Tada platforms.

You can purchase every chapter of this ShaunDam spectacular head to LaLa’s ManyVids store right now >>

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