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Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

New Jersey, USA


Porn fans, and I mean true porn fans, could never forget the momentous line from Boogie Nights in which producer Floyd Gondolli tells veteran director Jack Horner that “amateurs are the future!” “Hot fuck action to the max!” Like Natrodmaus gazing into his crystal ball, this film has predicted the future in which we all live and breathe in the XXX world. Especially if you are ChickPass Amateurs owner Logan Drake. Drake has been working his noble craft for over twenty years. Building a wide array of productions that focus on a theme. A presentation, if you will. One that brings fans reality and authentic sexuality. Words that are the focal point of keyword searches around the globe in 2024. No matter the company, no matter the network, big or small. This is ChickPass.com. New Jersey’s pride and joy. That is all run by one man with a vision and his team of sexy starlets who have all been destined for fame. 

“When you log onto my website and take the tour, what you see is a product that has been carefully laid out. A vision that I had many years ago to showcase a passion and prowess that I, too, have always believed to be the future of what adult entertainment should be. To give the fans something that I think should always be at the front of every company that looks to place their product for the public to consume. That is what I dreamed of when I created ChickPass Amateurs.”Logan Drake

2023 was a very fruitful year for the independent producer. One that has set him on a path to create something bigger, bolder, and more in tune with his original vision. With that said Logan Drake proudly brings to you his first of many announcements featuring his biggest performance displays. Brought to you in 4K, Girl Pass proudly presents Victoria and Logan are Banging The Boss. Starring Victoria Peaks and Tiffany Nacke. A true “home-office” fantasy that includes Logan Drake and two of the most talented up-and-coming performers of 2024. Tiffany and Victoria pose as employees and homeowners. With Logan Drake who poses as the pool boy who joins Victoria in giving the boss “What for!” Peaks and Nacke provide true-to-life blow-jobs and pussy pounding orgasms that must be seen and heard. All reality with zero filters, no apologies or regrets. That is a ChickPass guarantee. 

“My scenes are for the fans. Plain and simple. With over two hundred images for them to look through, followed by a steamy threesome with two of the most creative and passionate female leads that I have ever worked with. Tiffany Nacke and Victoria Peaks are future stars of this business. Women who also have sex at the forefront of everything that they do in this industry. I challenge the fans to see for themselves. Don’t let my words be what guides you. More so, let them be something that simply gives fans a guide to a website where their money will be well spent.”Logan Drake

Join ChickPass Amateurs today! Get access to the massive world created by Logan Drake. A site that features everything from Girl/Girl encounters to steamy, story-layden ethnic sex that all “cums” together with one word to describe it all, “amateur.” >> www.chickpass.com/

Victoria and Logan are Banging The Boss is available to stream or download now! Only at ChickPass.com. Check out some “hot fuck action to the max.” A threesome that has something a little geeky, a tad retro, and as real as real can be in the current age of digital adult cinema. Tiffany Nack and Victoria Peaks await. What are you waiting for? Join today! >> www.chickpass.com/tour1/scenes/Victoria-and-Logan-are-banging-the-boss_vids.html

Check out all 22 of Victoria Peaks scenes at ChickPass Amateurs >> www.chickpass.com/tour1/models/victoria-peaks.html

Then, discover what has made Tiffany Nacke one of the most requested models in the history of ChickPass Amateurs. >> www.chickpass.com/tour1/models/Tiffany-Nacke.html

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