“State of the Sexual Union” 2024

by konkon



March 13, 2024, Los Angeles — Whether you loved, hated or slept through the President’s State of the Union (SOTU), don’t miss the State of the SEXUAL Union (SOTSU) 2024, delivered by Dr. Susan Block, aka Dr. Suzy, “America’s #1 Sexologist,” according to “Active Radio” host Hartley Pleshaw who broadcast Dr. Suzy’s SOTSU live on WCAP 980 AM, as a sex-positive, anti-war, pro-bonobo rebuttal to Joe Biden’s SOTU.

Listen to Dr. Suzy’s State of the Sexual Union address for 2024: drsusanblock.com/active-radio-4

Now available on most platforms, Dr. Suzy’s State of the Sexual Union breaks down the state of sex and politics in 2024 and takes down the anti-sex Neo-Puritans (directly addressing Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society who has stacked our Supreme Court with Christofascist zealots); war criminals at home and abroad; war porn (much more harmful than regular porn); hypocritical moralists who fetishize the fetus and eroticize the embryo, but once you’re born, you’re over the hill; anti-sex “feminists” paid to be prudes by Neo-Puritan think tanks; ammosexual incels shooting up our great nation due (in part) to sexual frustration; corrupt politicians that serve the billionaires (not the people); and technocratic censors (save the date: June 26 for Dr. Suzy vs. META in arbitration!).

On an optimistic note, Dr. Suzy also lays out her vision for a sex-positive, anti-war, female-empowered, male-nurtured, free-speech, pro-bonobo, peace-through-pleasure future.

“I’m ready to vote for you for President now, Dr. Suzy,” Hartley exclaims at the climax of her “I See a Future” wish list. “You have by far the best platform of any of the candidates this year, which isn’t saying much, but you really knocked it out of the park!”

More detailed press release and images attached. For more information or interviews with Dr. Susan Block, email BlockMediaDesk@Gmail.com or call 626.461.5950 and ask for Christina.

Listen to Dr. Suzy’s State of the Sexual Union address for 2024: drsusanblock.com/active-radio-4


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