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by konkon


Monday, March 25th, 2024

Edison, NJ


Logan Drake wants fans to remember one thing above all else regarding his production company, ChickPass Amateurs. What makes his off-the-wall sexual scripts jump off the page is not just his personal love for erotic art and sexual pleasure. It is also the models themselves who take the time to make each vignette something true and tantalizing with their talents. Creating a piece of XXX entertainment that is meant to satisfy those who like Logan himself, enjoy sex in a far different way than the status quo. This brings us to Taylor Nicole, Sonia Harcourt, and‘s latest release, Taylor Nicole Nails Her Personal Trainer. A girl/girl presentation that again looks to show the many genres and erotic excursions that ChickPass Amateurs offers fans. 

“Logan is amazing to work with; he’s super kind and always comes up with fun, interesting ideas! He is extremely accommodating with travel and makes sure models feel comfortable.” – Taylor Nicole

With 46 scenes filmed to date, offers up one of the world’s largest selections of Taylor Nicole cinema. An alternative, erotic performer whose talents go beyond her stunning external beauty. Take the production Taylor Nicole Body Swaps for Some Anal Sex for example. It is one of the most successful selling scenes in the history of the Chick Pass platform. 

“When I wrote this script and came up with the general idea of this epically odd production, I did not know how it would fare with the public. The one thing I did know is that I had to have an actress who could make fans believe she was swapping bodies and giving a performance with both a feminine and masculine point of view, especially when it came to sex. She brought the same type of energy and talent to our latest release. I can not say enough great things about Taylor Nicole and what she means to the world of erotic cinema. Especially ours at” –Logan Drake

Taylor Nicole Nails Her Personal Trainer is now available, Only on the website >>

See, Taylor Nicole and Sonia Harcourt doing what they do best. Sonia’s “Ginger” vibes are a current of red as electric as a neon moon moving over Edison, New Jersey. Matched by Taylor Nicole’s off-the-wall artistry that has made her one of the true faces of alt-erotica. This is a lesbian combo that is for porn fans looking for something a little different. Shot with care, and produced with a passion that can only be described as Sonia and Taylor. 

Once you have become a member of, scroll through all five pages of Taylor Nicole’s productions. No matter the genre, there is something for every flavor of perversion and passion. ChickPass Amateurs is the East Coast answer for fans of the adult entertainment world who want something unique, strange, savage, and artistic. Logan Drake is on a mission in 2024 to showcase the things that have kept him in business for the better part of two decades and the ladies who helped him get there. 

Join today. View all of Taylor Nicole’s work on the platform. >>

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