SexyFandom Releases Video of 2024 Bazowie Awards presented by Zinetastic

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For immediate release: Cyberspace

SexyFandom has released the video archive of the 2024 Bazowie Awards live broadcast. The red carpet interviews are hilarious and insightful and well-worth watching. 

On March the fourth, SexyFandom honored the winners of the 2024 Bazowie! Awards, presented by Zinetastic and sponsored by Bad Dragon, in a livestreamed red carpet and virtual ceremony. Fans, friends, and industry joined together to watch, to appear on the digital red carpet, and to hang out in the chat. Returning hosts Kate Redmane and Lily Octolien hosted the virtual event, with very fitting space alien and anime cutie style. 

The full list of Bazowie Awards nominees is at this link. The Bazowie Awards winners circle is at this link

As spaceship crystal ball trophies and Bad Dragon Golden Tentacles ship out to winners and gift bags to nominees and VIP attendees, SexyFandom encourages everyone to post photos of your VIP gift bags and spaceship crystal ball trophies and Bad Dragon Golden Tentacles and hashtag #bazowieawards or #bazowie on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

If you love science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, comics, superheroes, anime, RPGs and other tabletop games, and the future of technology, this is the awards show for you. has been celebrating creativity in cosplay and all things science fiction and fantasy fandom for more than two decades, is the premiere nerd culture site for grown-ups. SF updates daily, publishes Bazowie! Magazine, presented by MyFreeCams, quarterly, and produces the annual Bazowie! Awards, honoring creators of all the amazing work being done with themes of cosplay, science fiction, fantasy, video games, and anime.


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