New starlet Katelyn Hatley Showcases The Range of Chick Pass Amateurs.

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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

Edison, NJ


It is the year 2024 in case you need a reminder, and it seems like some companies do in the digital age of the porn world. The way that fans consume their porn is entirely different than it was twenty years ago. Even though Logan Drake’s conceptual art design may make you think you have stepped back in time, it is quite the contrary. It is created like this on purpose. To pay homage to the truly glorious genre of amateur porn starlets, and the many films and internet locations from the past that inspired Chick Pass Amateurs owner Logan Drake to build the marvel that is his company. It’s a website that has been in the game for the better part of almost two decades. It is a brand that has always had new-age standards at its forefront, and its latest scene release validates that. Logan Drake and Chick Pass Amateurs are proud to announce their latest release, available on their Loyal Fans subscription page,  both by subscription or to purchase as a download, Logan Creampies Busty Housewife Katelyn Hatley. Starring new babe on the block Katelyn Hatley.

“I want to be able to offer the fans everything and anything when it comes to Chick Pass Amateurs. There is no market that Chick Pass does not want to be a part of, big or small. The Loyal Fans platform is truly one of the new staples of the industry. A place that is only going to get bigger, and bigger. With fans flocking in droves more and more there daily. Chick Pass wants to always keep up with these trends—and work hand in hand with these companies. I love what I do as a performer, producer, and director. But, even more than that, I love adult entertainment. I want our fans to be able to find us everywhere globally.” – Logan Drake

Logan Creampies Busty Housewife Katelyn Hatley is available now on the Chick Pass Amateurs Loyal Fans both by subscription or to purchase as a download >>

This “off-site” site production showcases yet another side of Chick Pass Amateurs and its unrelenting pursuit of never slipping into porn conventionalism like so many other companies have in the digital age. Katelyn Hatley’s performance is nothing short of heart-pounding. This sporty, busty newbie from Florida gives a performance that will send shockwaves through your device’s screen. If you like Katelyn’s curly hair, prepare to get your own permanent after seeing what this beauty can do in front of a camera with Chick Pass Amateurs. 

“Logan is professional but also very fun to work with! He is exceptional at coming up with scenes that are unique and creative but also complement the other performers. The Twitter Hookup video I made with Logan is fun, sensual and passionate. I really enjoyed shooting with him. I felt comfortable and at ease immediately. We have another scene planned for next month and I can’t wait! My fans will be excited too. They loved our video and have been requesting more content with Logan.” –  Katelyn Hatley

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Welcome to ChickPass Amateurs…

For the better part of fifteen years, ChickPass has been offering fans something unique, that is, porn outside the “norm.” But do you know who is behind this enterprise? Our guess is no, until now. 2024 begins a campaign by company owner Logan Drake to expand awareness of a website that has been ahead of the curve way before “reality porn” was even a word. 

Owner, writer, cameraman, performer, and artist. Logan Drake is a man wearing many hats within the world of ChickPass that he has created. He would call himself a true nerd, and his colleagues call him one of the last true artists who owns his own company and still injects what he genuinely loves within every scene he produces for his website. This talented artist, Logan Drake, has meticulously selected every performer, story, and piece of furniture presented in the ChickPass studio. The website’s look and feel are meant to pay homage to the world of independent production, amateurs, and erotic artistry that reflect the hearts of devoted porn fans. 

When I say the man is an artist, I mean the man is a freaking artist. He went to school for it. He has a diploma hanging in his office to prove it. If graduating from college devoted to the arts is not enough, Logan is a man who has seen success in other realms of business his life. Aspects of his character that helped blend his fantasies and his realities into an actual dream job. There is not one day that Logan does not wake up with a smile. Wouldn’t you if you had his career? But there is so much more to Logan than his love for erotic artistry and the way that he puts it all on display. is a website and company that stands for more than just independent production with quality. Logan Drake aims to reinforce the professionalism found in the cities at the epicenter of adult entertainment. Based in New Jersey, is already an industry leader on the East Coast by upholding a higher standard for participation in the adult industry. Ensuring performers use, know, and follow industry norms, from testing standards to guidelines for shooting quality content and supporting genuine writing, acting, performance, and artistry. That is the ChickPass standard that is Logan Drake. 

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