Red Bottom Productions Presents: “Lips, Hips & Fingertips”

by konkon


Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

Orlando, FL


Many companies have made their debut in 2024. Some are worth talking about, others have a lot of work to do. The rarest of the rare have spent the time, effort, and dollars to make something that not only gives quality to the fans that are purchasing videos but also shows them that there are still companies out there that enjoy porn just as much as they do. That is where “Lips, Hips and Fingertips” comes in, and the production company that created the scene Red Bottom Productions. What makes this premiere and company so unique is that so much is happening with the two ladies who star within it right now in their adult film careers. We are talking about Playboy covers and other massive dealings. If there is one thing that Red Bottom Productions looks to do above anything else in this industry, it is to share the wealth of what is happening with the starlets that step in front of their camera, even if it is not Red Bottom that is getting all the attention. Just ask the scene’s stars, Kona Jade and Stephanie Love. 

“When I stepped onto this set, there was so much more than positive energy running through the entire studio. My co-star, whom I had worked with before, was now getting all to myself, and she greeted me with open arms. There is so much lust and passion to begin creating this scene immediately. It was beyond amazing. This performance went beyond an organic experience. Stephanie made this an encounter that I will never forget. In most instances, I get very shy with my female co-stars. What can I say, I love women, and the more beautiful they are, the more intimidating they can be. At least that is how it always is with me. With Stephanie, everything was perfection. We had so much fun. Every second, you see two women hot for one another. Doing what they can to make the other purr with passion. That is what makes this scene, so special for me. I think this may be some of the best work of my early career. That is why every fan needs to check out Lips, Hips, and Fingertips.” – Kona Jade

You can watch, stream, or download “Lips, Hips, and Fingertips” right now by heading over to the Red Bottom Productionswebsite >>

This production is one of the most prized possessions RBP owner and producer Dante has ever created. A scene like this is more than a goal reached, a mission accomplished, and a dream come true. This is a film that is more than years in the making. Created with a deep-rooted passion that used to be much more common in adult films. That is what Red Bottom Productions wishes fans to see the most with this first massive entry in their film line-up. Let’s ask newly minted Playboy Playmate and cover model Stephanie Love what she thought of this film extravaganza. Which also happens to be her first professionally filmed Girl/Girl scene. 

“This scene with Red Bottom Productions is my first ever paid girl/girl scene, and I’m thrilled about how it came out. I really enjoyed working with Kona Jade and was impressed with her squirting skills.” – Stephanie Love

If there is one thing that you must do in 2024, it is check out a company that is working tirelessly to bring fans together, just as much as it is looking to unite quality performers who want to make true porn scenes for the fans in the industry. Not just take home a paycheck. That is a standard that I do not think modern fans understand, but they will after they have visited the Red Bottom websites, and social media pages. Discovering something that does not exist in the world of XXX, but something that should. That is what Dante and RBP want you to take home most with “Hips, Lips, and Fingertips.” 

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RBP Flavor and Style? Who and What is it?

Red Bottom Productions is more than a new film studio in the land of XXX. It is a company that is more than just a sense of style. Just ask owner and CEO Dante. He is a self-made man who retired from one profession at thirty-five only to begin again in an industry that has always been more than just a fantasy in his life. 

Red Bottom Productions began in the world of the “fast living.” That best describes the business drive of the company’s owner and the men and women within the world of adult films that have always been within his social circles. The story goes that Dante was attending a posh social gathering. A sexy soiree also attended by a couple of the most widely recognized faces in adult films. To make a long story short, after an evening of fast living, partying, and playing Dante inquired how he could begin to jump into this world that exists for porn star performers in the land of Hollywood glitz and glam. One of these industry legends then turns to Dante and states, “Why don’t you begin in production? That is more fitting for a man of your drive and character.” What came to be is what you see as Red Bottom Productions

“The RBD Standard.” The message this new production company looks to convey is that of the very shoes it has secured as its company logo. LOUIS VUITTON with a dash of Air Jordan, and more variety than anything you have seen under one production roof within the world of porn and adult entertainment. There is no limit to the elegance and prestige Red Bottom Productions wishes to make available to fans. Trans, bi, straight, narrow, black, white, lesbian, EVERYTHING! Just like the clothing selection at Maison Margiela on Melrose. Something for every type of adult taste, with a platinum standard that is reserved for the sex on screen you wish to consume. Not the draining statement to your bank account at the end of the month. That is the Red Bottom Productions standard. That is Dante’s promise. 

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2024 is the initial launch of this innovative new production company. Setting a new standard within independent production is just one of the many business goals owner Dante has put forward with his massive investment. An investment that is as much about his time put in for safe standards as it is about his many shoot locations, genres, and themes. 

“The digital age of porn is kind of like the days of the wild, wild west. So much is wide open and there for the taking. But, I want to do more than bring my renegade style to the porn world. I want to bring a powerful sense of professionalism. A seal of quality that ensures great sex, powerful presentation, and a style that is all about acceptance, fast living, fun, and fornication. Maybe just not in that order. We are looking to change the entertainment world at RBP.” – Dante


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