Summer Vixen Stars in the Latest Richard Mann Release

by konkon


Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

Los Angeles, CA


Yes, he is a 2023 AVN and XBIZ Award winner—recognition for a professional actor who reliably delivers powerful on-screen performances. Evil Angel quickly recognized that Richard Mann’s repertoire of debauchery was a perfect fit for their brand and capitalized on this fact. He is a true king of filth who has forever transformed the independent film world with his efforts. Now, he is taking it to a whole new level. Richard Mann is proud to announce his latest Evil Angel release, Richard Mann and Summer Vixen. It is one of the most outstanding productions from Mann yet. The petite Summer Vixen’s performance delivers on every ounce of searing, sweaty, and sultry action Richard demands from her in this scene.

“This is the year, people. The year I got to show the world what Richard Mann can do. Every filmmaker dreams of having a studio like Evil Angel back them. I am so grateful for this and have worked my entire career to achieve it. My brand is always called something a little more aggressive, hardcore, and powerful. Those are all things that I have loved to make part of my brand but also make part of mainstream porn. I want to bring something to the standards of big production because that is what my fans and many others have simply demanded after seeing what I can do. That is what I think is the most crucial part of what 2024 can be for me. I aim to make things you have never seen on Evil Angel with stars who are simply the best of the best. No matter the size of their following. That is what I did here with this production, and that is what I look to do with every single production.” Richard Mann

You can stream, download, or purchase Richard Mann and Summer Vixen today. Follow this link to join the millions who have already taken the Evil Angel plunge. >>–Summer-Vixen/247741

This scene is purpose-built to help you thaw out from winter, so get ready for a spring that is going to be as sexy, stimulating, and kinky as ever. Richard Mann is behind the camera and cannot wait to bring you to his VIP party. He always has, and will do so under the banner of the Evil Angel brand of raunch and filth. That is what we call a match made in heaven, right? Join the fun today! >>

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What is Richard Mann’s World Like?

To answer that question, you must be willing to open your mind, free your inhibitions, and follow twenty years of sexual prowess and performance in the world of adult films. 2024 has brought Mann his second wave of XXX accolades and trophies. Praise and recognition, which some critics say is long overdue. If you were to ask Richard himself, you would discover that what you see on screen is the product of years of dedication, research, and trial and error. Tribulations that have led the unsung swordsman to new ventures as contract director with Evil Angel and a contract player with Vixen. But that is not all of what Richard Mann is, was, or wishes to be…..

Richard Mann’s IAFD bio states that he has starred in over 700+ scenes. The number is well over a thousand if you add this prince’s and soon-to-be king’s independent efforts. Mann is the one who helped usher in the modern trend that is the independent creator’s platform—the places fans would head to even before the height of the pandemic in 2020. So much of who Richard Mann is can be seen before your very eyes as you read…. is a creation that has been years in the making and endured years of perfecting. The modern-day shoot house would not be what it is without Richard Mann, and the website and its starting line-up are all the proof you need of that. Mann is one of the true unsung heroes of the independent film scene. Bringing to light the possibilities that can be created when you gather many talented performers under one roof. With the same quality of production photography, editing, and even catering. That is the Richard Mann style.

Richard Mann & Evil Angel is a match between light and dark boundaries. That is what Richard Mann’s style has always been. Shocking, kinky nastiness, with a type of quality and sharpness taken for granted by the run-of-the-mill perv, can be truly appreciated by adult film fans. Richard Mann might say that it is usually one and the same person. Giving the general public a voice in the world of extreme sex, with sexual habits that some define as odd or strange but others call the everyday norm. That is the genuine skill of this career-long director and producer. Now, he has joined forces with Evil Angel. Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. 

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To list trophies, awards, Hall of Fame inductions. That is just not Richard. The personal side of this enigmatic gentleman of leisure and debauchery is very basic, as down to earth as you can imagine. In his heart, this self-described work-a-holic and computer nerd is surprisingly so ordinary. I don’t think fans would guess what this man does outside the adult industry. Some things are just best left to the imagination. What we can divulge to you is that Mann is regarded as a true industry professional. It takes that kind of suave devotion and drive to do what he has done. Richard is so thankful for all the praise her has received so far. But what he truly lives for, is to create something for his fans, his people, his following. What Richard Mann does on camera is an immense part of his being. That is the voice he wants you to hear most and that you will in the year that is to come and beyond…


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