Somegore Scores XRCO Awards Nomination for Best Comedy

by konkon


(Budapest, Hungary) Somegore continues to make history. Last summer, Somegore debuted and was the brainchild of Romero (creator and director of Hentaied, Parasited, Freeze, Plants vs. Cunts, and Futanari) and one of the most awarded directors of our time, Ricky Greenwood. And now, the two-part short, “Raining Blood,” has received another accolade with a 2024 XRCO Awards nomination.


The 2024 XRCO Awards nominees were announced last week, and Somegore made the list. “Raining Blood” scored a Best Comedy nomination and faces stiff competition. But with the movie directed by Ricky Greenwood and starring Ana Foxxx and Tommy Pistol, anything is possible.

“This movie has received much attention because there’s nothing like it. Ricky really created a masterpiece, and Ana and Tommy were perfect in their roles. We would love to win this award,”

Creator/Producer Romero Mr. Alien.

The 40th Annual XRCO Awards will take place Sunday, May 5th, at Boardners in Hollywood and will be hosted by Lauren Phillips and Caitlin Bell. View the video announcing all the nominees at

If you haven’t checked out the two-part short and the Somegore site that features the bloodiest, goriest, and most fucked up short movies, sign up to watch both parts for free at

For media inquiries about Somegore, contact Erika Icon of The Rub PR at


If you love B-movies, gore, showers of blood, decapitations, and zombies, Somegore is the site for you. The site prides itself on presenting the bloodiest, goriest, and most fucked up short movies. Brought to you by the brilliant minds of the creator and director of Hentaied, Parasited, and Futanari, Romero, and one of the most-awarded directors of our time, Ricky Greenwood, Somegore lives up to its name and more; watch the first film, “Raining Blood” for free on In 2024, Somegore became an AVN Awards winner for Most Outrageous Sex Scene and was nominated by the XRCO Awards for Best Comedy.


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