LeZNationVideo Joins Girl-Girl Film Community with Launch of Lesbian Sex Video Binge Challenge

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For Immediate Release: April 11th, 2024

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) LeZNationVideo (latenightlez.com/), a long-established entity in the adult entertainment industry, proudly announces a new entry into the girl-girl film community with the launch of its first promotion of the year: the Lesbian Sex Video Binge Challenge at LateNightLeZ.com. This initiative marks the beginning of an exciting journey, as LeZNationVideo introduces itself as a key player in the realm of girl-girl entertainment.

“I’ve been filming girl-girl for 30 years in a different way that makes it as real as possible for the women to relax into being with each other and heat the scene up naturally,” noted PUAGOAT of LeZNationVideo.“First and foremost, I am a true fan of the genre.”

About LateNightLeZ.com:
LateNightLeZ.com, the flagship website of LeZNationVideo, is dedicated to catering to connoisseurs of authentic women-to-women strap-on and sexfight action. With a focus on delivering genuine experiences, LateNightLeZ.com offers a platform for performers who are passionate about girl-girl content to thrive and make a career out of it.

Unique Features for Performers:
LeZNationVideo distinguishes itself by providing performers with opportunities akin to a regular job, offering W-2 contracts, set hours, guaranteed minimums, profit-sharing, health benefits, and outfit allowances. This commitment reflects the company’s dedication to supporting its talent and fostering a conducive environment for creativity and success.

Special Offer
As part of its launch, LateNightLeZ.com presents a special offer: 15 exclusive full-length premium videos personally filmed by LeZNationVideo’s founder. This curated collection, available for $5, includes content featuring renowned adult models such as KJ Eriksen (stage identity: Brandi Morgan) and adult fetish star Nadia White.

Collaboration and Expansion
LeZNationVideo looks forward to collaborating with industry-leading entities and lesbian film companies, with plans to introduce a unique niche concept called KissFights in the fourth quarter of 2024.

PUAGOAT, which stands for PickUpArtistGreatestOfAllTime, embodies the vision and expertise of LeZNationVideo’s founder, a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in the adult entertainment industry. His innovative approach and deep understanding of the market ensure that LeZNationVideo is poised for success.

Contact Information
Interested girl-girl performers are invited to contact PUAGOAT directly at puagoat@leznationvideo.com or call 1-833-PUAGOAT.

LeZNationVideo and PUAGOAT will be present at XBIZ Miami from May 13th – 16th, offering a glimpse into the exciting future of girl-girl entertainment.

LeZNationVideo’s entry into the girl-girl film community heralds a new era of authentic, engaging content. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, LeZNationVideo invites performers and audiences alike to embark on an unforgettable journey of girl-girl fun and entertainment.

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