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by konkon


By Paulie K

Paulie K: Isabella James

Isabella James: Yes.

PK: You have huge breasts.

IJ: Ha! Yes, that’s me!

PK: What size are they? They are incredible!

IJ: So, I just had surgery about a month ago, so now they are 1400 CC’s. Previously when I had 1200 CC’s they were 32 J, so I’m not sure what they are now.

PK: Wow, and how tall are you?

IJ: I’m 5’1”.

PK: Wow, so you are just all tits.

IJ: Yes, but to be real, I’ve always been that way. I had a 32D before I had any augmentation. So I was like, hey, this is my life, why not.

PK: Well they look great. So did the size of your tits determine whether or not you got into the biz?

IJ: No, definitely not. I needed a job, and I stayed in it because I enjoy the freedom, the self-expression and the money as well, of course.

PK: Do you do any hardcore stuff?

IJ: I do my own amateur porn, yes. I do anal, blowjobs, things like that.

PK: Do you pick the talent yourself then, or is it just your boyfriend in everything.

IJ: Yea I pick the talent myself. I choose people that I am comfortable with. I enjoy it because I have total control over everything. There’s not some random old dude telling me what to do for 12 hours. So I am really enjoying the freedom that I have to create my own content.

PK: So you do have sex with guys.

IJ: Yes.

PK: So you just call the agency and say hey, send me Billy, he looks good?

IJ: No, I have a rotation of civilian friends that I work with, that I create with. So there’s not that weird energy between me and the other person.

PK: Wow that is so awesome that you are using civilian guys!

IJ: Yes! It’s the dream of every guy on the planet!

PK: That is absolutely every guy’s dream! Every guy who has ever watched porn has that dream. Just to get a shot.

IJ: I know! I’m making dreams come true!

PK: Now do you sleep with them before you hire them?

IJ: Um, a couple of them, yes. You gotta test out the merchandise, you know?

PK: Sure, or maybe I thought you just lined them all up and told them to whip it out.

IJ: No. I’m all about the energy connection.

PK: Now what if you have great energy with a guy but he has a smaller than average one?

IJ: I don’t mind. It all works for me because I am my own boss and I do create my own content. I did work with a smaller than average guy once and I marketed the video as My Small Dick Date, and that shit caught on fire and sold a ton. Maybe I think because guys can relate to it, I don’t know.

PK: No shit. You know as I get older I like to watch the old guy porn. You know, old guys doing younger girls. Like Grandpa porn. I’m preparing myself for when that day finally arrives!

IJ: You know in reality, no one needs a really big dick. It causes more injuries than it causes happiness. If it’s really big it’s going to hurt, and a lot of guys who are big just rely on that and aren’t good with anything else. Honestly I’d rather have an average guy, like around 7 inches.  At the end of the day none of that even matters because it’s the energy and the motion of the ocean.

PK: True and every girl I speak to tells me they don’t WANT a big dick, and every guy I talk to tells me they wish they HAD a big dick!

IJ: Yea exactly. Society has programmed you to want a big dick and be rich. I say to just be respectful, learn how to eat girls out and have a good job.  

PK: Well I can be respectful, but that’s about it.  Now since you work with civilians, have any of them had trouble getting it up?

IJ: Oh no, Paulie,  there are pills for that. Many pills for that, actually. That is not a problem anymore.

PK: Oh yea, I forgot. You know that used to be a big problem in porn. I guess not anymore.

IJ: Nope, not at all.

PK: Isabella James that is going to wrap it up for us, I want to thank you for taking the time, you and those boobs of yours. I am so glad you give your approval to average dick size across the land, this will make many guys happy. Thanks again.

IJ: Thank you so much Paulie K. This was fun.

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