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Madison Knox

Paulie K: I looked at your Instagram and you are very cute!

Madison Knox: Thank you! I appreciate that!

PK: Are  you doing hardcore sex on camera, or are you just modeling, or what? What’s the story with you because I want to see more of you!

MK: Aw thank you. So I do a combination of both, I’ve modeling for quite some time now and when a certain specific platform called Only Fans opened up I started doing a little bit more and then a little bit more in a little bit more.  I do have sex tapes and blowjob videos and things like that. So yea, I do have hardcore content up on there and then I still do some photo shoots that are Playboy style and kind of lean into the hardcore style, so everybody can get off to it.

PK: Well that is indeed very generous of you. A great body AND a generous attitude!! We need to wife you up!

MK: Thank you, I do what I can do.

PK: So your hardcore stuff is on OnlyFans?

MK: Yes.

PK: So you don’t shoot for Brazzers or any big company like that?

MK: No I don’t. I’m not sure you would call me Amateur, but I kind of do my own thing, I guess you can say.

PK: You are your own boss.

MK: Yes, definitely.

PK: That is great! That seems to be the way to go now, doesn’t it? In this business, a lot of girls are doing their own thing, making their own money and being their own boss.

MK: I do think that is the way to go, yes. The last time I had an actual boss was at Hooters. I had a manager.

PK: Oooh! A Hooters girl turned porn star! That is literally every guy’s dream girl! I think when men go to Hooters, and drool over the waitresses, we all know they can easily be porn stars and we pray one day that we’ll see them on our phones banging some guy.

MK: Yea well, that was me. I was a Hooters girl.

Madison Knox

PK: Now what was your favorite part about working at Hooters.

MK: I loved the outfits. I think they were so cute. I loved building relationships with my regulars. They were all super sweet and very fun to talk to.

PK: Did they stare at your hooters?
MK: Oh I’m sure. I’m sure they did.

PK: What size are your hooters?

MK: Now they are a DD.

PK: 36?

MK: Yea 36DD

PK: Wow because they look really good.

MK: Thank you!

PK: Now are you stationed in Alabama or in Florida?

MK: I am currently in Alabama. I was in Florida 3 years ago for about 3 years. Before that I was in Atlanta for 3 years.

PK: What you made you cross over, from modeling, and go to OnlyFans and do hardcore porn?

MK: I started OnlyFans back in 2018 when it wasn’t everywhere. Before that I was doing Patreon, where I was doing less hardcore things – more like teasing and Playboy style. Then gradually it went from teasing, to showing, to really showing, to playing with it, then to taking dick = so it happened gradually, in small steps that I was comfortable making at the time. I enjoyed every step of the way, and I love doing it now.

PK: Did you have a regular job before modeling? I know you said Hooters, but besides that.

MK: I have always worked in the service industry.

PK: I would say you still are working in the service industry.

MK: I worked at Oh Charlies! Restaurant, and that is where a female bartender told me that I could make way more money at Hooters. So the very day I turned at 18 I went to Hooters.

PK: Wow, fresh meat.

MK: Yes, and in Alabama you have to be 19 to be a stripper, and a lot of Hooter girls were stripping also, besides working at Hooters. So at 19 I went over. In Alabama, all you can do as a stripper is go topless. I was already basically showing my hooters at Hooters, so for that much more money all I had to do was take off my top? Not a problem. It was a no brainer for me.

PK: Oh you are wonderful.

MK: Than I became a dancer full time and I loved it. I did cheerleading, and dance, so stripping was a natural thing for me. I loved being on stage, and talking to my regulars, just like I did back at Hooters, so stripping was really fun for me.

PK: Wow, you are amazing. How did you get into the whole Playboy scene?

Madison Knox

MK: When I was in Atlanta, there were a lot of opportunities for strippers to be in music videos, and tv shows and things – so at night I would dance and during the day I would be an extra somewhere or dance in a music video. Atlanta had a lot more photographers and gigs that needed sexy models, so once you put yourself out there, you can get booked for a lot of things, which I did.

PK: Wow, Atlanta does not disappoint!

MK: No it did not, and as for as Playboy, a friend of mine reached out and put me in a contest and became a finalist. Maxim had a contest I entered as well.

PK: Wait, did you ever have sex with your regulars at Hooters? I have to ask.

MK: No, no. That is definitely not allowed. Never did that.

PK: Ok, I just had to ask. Now do you still strip?

MK: I do not strip anymore. Online takes so much time and the more I work at it, the more money I make so I concentrate my time on that. I do think about hosting or doing feature dancing so people can meet me, so maybe one day I’ll do that.

PK: DO you post every day?

MK: Oh about 20 times a day I post! I work hard at it! I love it too, it’s so great.

PK: Wow you are a hard worker, which sites are you on now?

MK: OnlyFans, Instagram, TickTock, Twitter and a little bit of Facebook.  OnlyFans is my hardcore stuff – so go there to see some really good stuff.

PK: Oh I know I will. You are super cute! Thanks for taking the time Madison Knox! You are terrific.

MK: Thanks Paulie K!

Madison Knox

Madison Knox is a small town girl with big city dreams who is from Birmingham, Alabama. She started out as a Hooter’s girl at only 18 and by 19 was an entertainer at Birmingham’s local Gentleman’s Club. Shortly after finding her passion for entertaining Madison worked at some of the nation’s top strip clubs in Atlanta and Miami!

Madison has also been featured on several Magazine Covers and spreads, along with being in a music video and featured on an episode of CMT’s Party Down South. Madison has also been affiliated with brands such as Playboy, Maxim, and several other clothing brands. Currently Madison spends most of her time on Onlyfans where she has become one of the most successful content creators on the entire site by sexting with her fans, selling nudes, and XXX videos of herself!


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