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By Paulie K

Fresh-faced model, actress, performer and all around funny gal,  Spencer Bradley is one of adult film’s brightest new stars; the petite (5’0”), all-natural brunette with piercing blue eyes and megawatt smile is not only at the top of fans’ to-do list, she’s currently one of Porn Valley’s most in-demand onscreen talents.

Spencer Bradley

Paulie K:  Okay Spencer Bradley – you look sensational, how long have you been around?

Spencer Bradley: Thank you, I have been in the business for 2 years now.

PK: Two years? Great! And you are still all natural!

SB: Yes I am still all natural. I did get some lip injections but I pretty much still look the same.

PK: Like your face lips or your lips down there?

SB: My face lips, yea. You could barely tell though, I really look damn near the same. It’s funny because recently I had a fan comment to me, “never get anything done you are so naturally beautiful” and I’m reading it with all this plastic floating in my face.

PK: This scene I am watching you in now, you are covered up with a mask, so I don’t even see your lips.

SB: Oh that Coronavirus one!! When I shot that one I had no idea we’d be going through this for 2 years. That it would cause such an economic crisis. I knew it was a huge health danger but I had no idea our lives were about to change.

PK: Oh no, now you just took off the mask. That is a CDC violation!! Very dangerous to do a porn without your mask on!

SB: I shot that right before lockdown.

PK: You are risking your life right here, on video. Unbelievable. Did you always want to be in porn or was it something you just stepped into?

SB: I mean the sex industry was always appealing to me, like when I was younger, when Playboy was really popular and that show, Girls Next Door. My mom would watch films like Coyote Ugly, I just always looked up to women like that. I didn’t think about it at the time, that they were making money off of you know, their sexuality but it didn’t matter to me. It was about the power and stuff.

PK: Yea, I get it. You know I see girls on the street every day that are just built, that are just amazing – and I’m like – if they did cam work, they would easily be very rich if not millionaires. They are sitting on millions of dollars, yet they choose to keep their clothes on and be a secretary somewhere and get harassed for free in the office!

SB: Some of us are fortunate to be comfortable with what we have. I know I could never be satisfied working a 9 to 5 job. I just couldn’t, especially because I’d have to clock in.

PK: Clocking in? That’s your big hang up? Now you don’t clock in, you just cock in.

SB: Ha! Yes, now I just cock in. So much easier.  I traded clocking in for cocking in.

PK: How old were you when you first watched porn?
SB: Omg I was just a young teen. Remember when RedTube was a thing? It started off when you heard weird shit on the internet. You looked it up on Google and somehow the weird shit would lead you to RedTube and there would be actual hardcore porn on there. I didn’t watch it for pleasure, honestly, I watched more porn after I started doing porn.

PK: So were you 16 when you first started watching naked people get busy?
SB: Oh no I was really inappropriate, I was 13.

PK: Wow! I think I was 13 when I stole my first porn magazine.

SB: OMG magazines, I remember finding a stash of my friend’s parent’s Penthouse magazines!

PK: I don’t think my parents read that stuff. I had to go on my own on those Indian newsstands to get my kicks. It was before they wrapped it up in plastic, so you could flip through it and get an idea of what you were missing out on.

SB: I love hearing people’s favorite porn stars.

PK: Oh mine was Traci Lords – without a doubt. We passed around one VHS tape of Traci Lords in high school. We all took turns taking it home. She made so many people happy. God Bless her.  How did you get started?

SB: I started stripping when I was 20 years old.

PK: Oh you are the best.

SB: I started my sophomore year at college. I thought stripping was going to get me enough money to get out of college and move to somewhere I wanted to be. I went only to appease my father. This was in Indiana.

PK: A corn fed beauty.

SB: I ended up finishing college but I stripped pretty much the entire time.

PK: You are a very good daughter.

SB: Yea I guess. I got the degree, Dad!

PK: Way to go Spencer. Was the stripping all nude, topless, go-go?

SB: It was just topless. It was a topless bar. By law in Indiana if you are stripping and not wearing pasties over your nipples you literally can be arrested for prostitution. Just for not wearing pasties.

PK: That is nuts.

SB: I put glittery fabric paint over my nipples and let it dry, so they were nipple condoms. I was called glitter nipples for two months at one of the places where I worked.

PK: Hey there are worse nicknames than that. How did you go from dancing to video?

SB: I saw a friend of mine make $200 a night on cam – and I thought it was worth a try, so I started doing that.

PK: That’s a good start.

SB: Yea than an agency in Florida found me on Twitter and asked if they could fly me down, so I went down there and gave it a try.

PK: Did you like it?

SB: Oh I liked it a lot. People ask me if it’s weird that a whole crew is there watching you have sex. I actually find it comforting that a room full of people are right there. Like if a guy goes too far, there are people there to help you and intervene, so I felt safe with all those people there. I like it. I also love the freedom porn allows a person. I miss stripping but I also love where I’m at now, too.

PK: You must love being watched, right? You’ve been watched since you were 20.

SB: Yes, I do love being watched. I still go on cam sometimes just be watched. I love it.

PK: Spencer Bradly thank you so much for your time, you are a dreamboat! I really appreciate you giving me so much of your time and I hope your career is a long and terrific one. Thank you.

SB: Paulie thank you. I enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun.

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In 2021, Bradley officially became a multi-award nominee, earning nods from AVN for Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene and Hottest Newcomer (Fan nominee), as well from XBIZ for Best New Performer.


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